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Mischief Makers Day 25: Goodbye Guys!

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Day 25: Goodbye Guys! 

Oh what a year, oh what a blast!
This season went by way to fast.
We had some ups (and then some downs),
Happy smiles, a few sad frowns.

But now we have a little plan,
to keep our friendship (if we can).
We’ll talk to Santa, Nim and Lil,
and hope we can stay with you still!

Merry Christmas to you boys!
Have fun with all your brand new toys.
We’ll get a message to you swift…
Until then, here’s one last gift!



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Mischief Makers Day 24: Christmas Magic

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Day 24 Christmas Magic

“Let’s put the slippers under the tree,” Pixie directed Nim and Lil, who were each holding a new pair of Christmas slippers.


“I think we should sneak into their room and put them at the foot of the bed,” said Figgy.

Pixie worried her lower lip. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea, Figgy.” 

Jake was a light sleeper. She was afraid they would wake him up if they went in the bedroom.


A loud and shocked gasp came from the hallway. The elves turned as one. Four pairs of eyes widened. Four mouths dropped open. 

“You are real,” said Joe. “I-I can’t believe it.”

The elves froze and dropped to the floor. 


“It’s too late for that.” Glitter came cantering to the tree, Barrel bouncing behind her. “He’s been standing there for the past 5 minutes. He knows.”

Slowly, the elves stood and looked at Joe who was staring in shock at Glitter and Barrel. “Y-you’re all real?”

Pixie burst into tears. “It’s over! Now we’ll be cast out from the Mischief Maker program.”

Figgy patted her on the back, tears streaming down his face. “We’ve broken the rules. We’ve f-failed.”

Confusion clouded Joe’s face. “Mischief Maker program? Rules?”

Lil took a deep breath. “We’re part of a group called the Mischief Makers, Joe. Santa founded the program as an extra Christmastime treat for children all over the world.”

“We are not supposed to let our assigned kids see us move,” added Nim. “They are meant to wonder at the magic. To believe…without seeing. Without proof.” 

Glitter looked at Nim and Lil. “Isn’t there anything we can do?”

Nim shook his head. Pixie sobbed. Figgy sniffled. 

“Wait!” said Lil, turning to the group. “What if Joe promises not to tell anyone?”

Pixie’s head popped up. “Would that work?”

“Lil,” said Nim in a warning tone. “That’s never been done before. It’s against every rule in the book. Literally.”

“I know, I know. But, hear me out. What if we ask Santa to make an exception for a special case?”

“What kind of special case?” asked Figgy.

Lil floated up to Joe and looked him in the eye. “If we can get Santa to agree…will you help us next year, Joe?”


“H-help? Help with what?”

“Our pranks!” said Pixie.

“Our mayhem!” added Figgy.

“Our mischief!” All eyes turned to Glitter, shocked she would promote mischief in any way.

“What?” she said defensively. “Just because I don’t like messes, doesn’t mean mischief is off the table.”

Lil cleared her throat. “Think about how much fun it would be to surprise Jake and your parents each morning.”

Joe looked down at the four hopeful faces. Pixie and Figgy seemed to hold their breath as he thought it over. 

The corner of his mouth hitched up–the start of a smile. “Th-that would be a lot of fun.”

Twirling, swirling, bouncing and springing elves zipped and zoomed across the room. 

“But,” asked Joe. “How are you going to convince Santa?”

The elves exchanged glances. How would they convince the big guy? What argument could they possibly make?

“I have an idea.” Glitter slowly approached, her heart sparkling brighter and brighter the closer she got. “And it’s foolproof.”


Mischief Makers Day 23: Remind, Remember, Rejoice

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Day 23 Remind, Remember, Rejoice

Pixie floated around trying to think of something to do. 

“I just can’t think of anything tonight, Figgy.” Pixie stretched out beside Figgy and the camel by the Nativity.

“Me nei–ahhh–ther.” Figgy yawned. 

They were down to just a few more nights and the stress and constant worry about Joe and his fading belief had worn them down. 

I can think of one thing you haven’t done yet,” said Glitter from the ground. She trotted up to them and pulled a rolled up paper out of her reins. 

Pixie took the scroll from her and read it over. Her eyes misted over as she finished. “He wrote a new one this year.” She handed the paper to Figgy. 

Christmas is a joyful time,
Singing carols, bells that chime.
Full of cheer, of food, and joy,
for every little girl and boy.

While sparkly gifts are lots of fun,
We can’t forget God’s only son.
He came to us from far away,
Born in a stable, filled with hay.

His parents traveled very far,
Followed by the brightest star.
God sent his son here to fulfill
and carry out His glorious will.

Have fun, delight in all your play
and laugh, make merry, every day.
Take moments to reflect and see
God’s awesome gift to you and me. 

Figgy hung the poem from the star on the top of the creche and settled back down by Pixie. Glitter rested with the sheep. 

The three friends gazed up at the manger scene and smiled. 

Mischief Makers Day 22: Sew Much Fun

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Day 22 Sew Much Fun

“Well, that backfired.” Glitter, Pixie and Figgy were slumped on the couch still reeling from Joe’s pronouncement.

Now I know it’s you, Mom.”

“You didn’t think that one through,” said Glitter.

“Not helping, Glitter,” Pixie scowled at her. 


Pixie and Figgy’s rubber band wrapped phones was a big hit with the parents…unfortunately, it set them back a bit in the belief department. 

“All that progress we made with Joe, dashed in one night.” Figgy kicked a spool of thread Jake had left out across the love seat. 

“At least it got you back in their parent’s good graces,” said Glitter. 

“But now Joe really thinks his mom is doing all the work after they go to bed.” Figgy kicked another spool of thread. It rolled off the couch and across the room, leaving a trail of green behind.

“You know,” said Glitter. “You could give them a project.”

Pixie and Figgy turned to Glitter, intrigued. 

“I’ve heard them both talking about how much fun they are having sewing. And Jake sewed you that blue shirt.”

Figgy nodded. “Yes, and Joe is sewing a pair of gloves.”

“Maybe they could sew us something,” said Pixie. “Maybe it will help us convince Joe that it’s not his mom.”

“Yes!” said Figgy. “Why would their mom have them sew tiny clothes and blankets that she’ll never use?”

“There is a bunch of Christmas fabric in their sewing kit,” said Glitter. “You could start there and create patterns for what you want them to sew.”

Figgy and Pixie went into the study and searched through the sewing basket. 

“Christmas fabric!” Pixie held up a green swatch with tiny, colorful Christmas lights.”

“And reindeer!” Figgy held up red fabric with tiny white reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh. 

Glitter scoffed. “That is not an accurate depiction of Dasher.”

Pixie and Figgy burst into laughter. 

Said the little elf to the little boy
Do you know what I need?
To keep me warm and cozy little boy,
Do you know what I need?
A bag, a bag, a little sleeping bag
It will keep me cozy and warm
It will keep me cozy and warm



Mischief Makers Day 21: Rubber Band Bandits

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Day 21 Rubber Band Bandits

Pixie and Figgy stood in Nim and Lil’s office and hung their heads. 

“We were just trying to help,” said Pixie. 

“Yeah,” added Figgy. “How were we to know she used both whole and powdered nutmeg?”

Nim stood at his desk, looking at Pixie and Figgy and trying hard not to smile. 

Lil took the lead. “Guys, beyond cookies and candies, you don’t know much about cooking or what spices should and should NOT be thrown away.”

“And…spilling half the spices on the floor? Really?” Nim coughed to hide a laugh. Lil narrowed her eyes at him and shook her head.


“I tried to tell them,” said Glitter. “They wouldn’t listen.”

Pixie and Figgy scuffed their feet and sighed. 

“Look,” said Nim. “How about tonight you just lay low.”

“Lay low?” asked Pixie and Figgy in unison.

“Yes,” said Lil. “You know, find a good hiding place. One that will take the boys awhile to find you. And don’t do…anything. Just hide tonight. Ok?” 

Nim and Lil were looking at them with such anxiety that they couldn’t bring themselves to argue.

“Maybe you’re right,” said Pixie. “Come on Figgy. Let’s go…hide.”

*           *          *

“This is SO boring,” groaned Figgy. 

“Tell me about it,” Pixie complained.

Glitter trotted in from the kitchen window and gave them both a severe look.

“Now listen here you two. Nim and Lil have been getting a lot of pressure from Santa to keep the two of you under better control. They’ve already had 3 complaints this year from the boys’ parents.”

“But–,” began Pixie.

“No buts about it. Nim and Lil are Chiefs in Charge and Santa is supposed to be focusing on being Santa. Not cleaning up Mischief Maker messes.” Glitter stormed away, leaving Pixie and Figgy to think about their predicament. 


“She’s right, you know.” Pixie put her chin in her hands. “We’re making things difficult for Nim and Lil with all our mishaps.”

“But they weren’t all our fault!” Figgy frowned. “

“Really? Let’s see….we made a giant mess of the pantry.”

“We were trying to help!” Figgy cried.

“We dusted the whole house with glitter and confetti.”

“But that was sanctioned mischief! We had no choice.”

“We ruined the study, spilled candy all down the stairs, wrapped tin fo–.”

“Ok, ok!” Figgy shouted. “I get it. We’ll just hide tonight. But let’s make it good.”

Suddenly, they heard footsteps and voices down the hall. They quickly ducked out of sight just in time to see Mom and Dad coming into the living room.

“I told them if they had a hot wheels war one more time, they’d lose the fun phones for a week.”

“You know how brothers are, sweetie.”

“That doesn’t…”.

Their voices trailed off as they moved back down the hallway, but Pixie and Figgy had heard enough to know what they were going to do. 

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Figgy?”

“That we should taste-test those mint chocolate chip cookies on the counter?”

“Ye–no,” Pixie laughed. “That we should do something to those hot wheels to keep the boys from playing with them.”

“Like what?”

Pixie smiled with an evil gleam in his eye. “I don’t usually like to copy another Mischief Maker’s idea, but this one is just too good.”

Figgy tilted his head in question. 

“Do you remember where the rubber bands are?”

Mischief Makers Day 20: Cabinet Cleanout

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Day 20 Cabinet Cleanout

“Where in Santa’s Sleigh is the cinnamon?!” Pixie was in the pantry, making a bit of a mess of the spices and canned goods. 

“I think I might have used it all,” said Figgy. “In the…cookies I made last week.”

Pixie burst out laughing. “You mean the ones that made the boys run to the sink and put their head under the faucet just to cool their mouth? Those cookies?”


Figgy turned pink. “Who knew cinnamon and cayenne pepper wouldn’t go together?”

“Everyone, Figgy. Everyone.” Pixie wiped tears of mirth from her cheeks.

“Well I guess that means no mulled cider tomorrow.” 

Hot mulled cider was Joe’s mom’s favorite holiday drink, and they needed to do something to get on her good side after the glitter and confetti mess.”

“I thought I saw some cinnamon sticks in there the other day,” said Glitter as she peeled oranges and grated lemons.

“This cabinet needs a cleanout. Look at this bottle of curry powder.” Figgy held up a container of bright yellow powder. “It expired in 2010!”


Pixie whipped around, bumping her head on the top drawer and sending containers of spices crashing to the floor. 

“Ouch!” Pixie rubbed her head and winced. “What if we clean it out? That is sure to make Mom happy.”

Glitter smiled. “That’s a–.” 

“Ooo, great idea Pixie! We can throw away all the old spices and anything she never uses.”

“I don’t thin–,” Glitter started.

“Like this extra box of baking soda. She doesn’t need two of them.” Pixie dumped the white powder out, spilling most of it on the floor.


“And this imitation vanilla. Yuck!” Figgy made a face.

“And why in the North Pole does she need smoked paprika and regular paprika?” Pixie threw the bottle in the garbage.


Glitter peeked in the garbage can, concerned. “I don’t know. Aren’t garlic salt and garlic powder used for different dishes?”

“Nah,” said Figgy. “Why would she need both?”

Pixie and Figgy continued to clean the cabinet out with a manic zeal while Glitter looked on with growing concern. 

“Red and yellow curry powder?” Figgy asked. 

“Chuck the yellow,” said Pixie. “The red is more festive.”

Glitter sighed. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.


Mischief Makers Day 19: Booming Birthday

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Day 19 Booming Birthday

“It worked! Their mom was so mad. There is NO WAY Joe still believes that she is doing all this crazy stuff!” Pixie pirouetted and Figgy frolicked. 

Today’s when Joe begins his ninth year
Fa la la la la, la la la la
With this game we’ll bring him good cheer
Fa la la la la, la la la la
With candy under the last cu-up
Fa la la, la la la, la, la, la
Jake and Joe will eat it u-up
Fa la la la la, la, la, la, la

“Great job guys!” Nim and Lil flew through the window and gave Pixie and Figgy big hugs. 


“What are you guys doing here?” Pixie asked, smiling even more brightly.

“We wouldn’t miss Joe’s birthday,” said Nim.

“He’s going to be so excited to see you tomorrow.” Figgy clapped his hands and bounced on his toes. 

Nim and Lil smiled and looked around at the surprise Figgy and Pixie had set up for Joe. 

Dixie cups littered the floor and the table was covered with a bright Christmas tablecloth and every breakfast treat imaginable. 

“No chocolate lake this year?” asked Lil.

“No snowman donuts?” said Nim.

“We wanted to do something different.” Pixie pointed to the tree. 

Nim and Lil stared, open-mouthed at the Christmas tree. It was decked out with colorful balloons and streamers.


“Wow,” Nim said in awe. “You really stepped it up.”

Pixie blushed. “That’s not all.” 

Figgy beamed and pointed to the living room with a flourish. “We set up a game too.”

“Dixie cup dash,” said Pixie. “The boys will race to find the hidden treats and treasures.” 

“We never would have thought to do this,” said Lil. “With this surprise, you two are sure to win the Top Shelf Elf trophy again this year.”

Pink and green blurred together as the two elves twirled and whirled with excitement.


Mischief Makers Day 18: Confetti and Catastrophe

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Day 18 Confetti and Catastrophe

Figgy, Pixie, Nim and Lil sat in the break room at Santa’s Workshop. The Toymakers had finished early and were off celebrating at Gumdrops and Eggnog before the last minute requests started coming in. 

“Does Jake still believe?” asked Santa after hearing the full account of Joe’s recent conversation with his mom.


“We think so,” said Pixie. “At least, he still gets really excited every morning and rushes out of his room to see what we’ve done.”

“And he never asks his mom if she did it…like Joe does.” Figgy sniffed and wiped a tear from his cheek. 

“Santa?” Lil’s voice was quiet. The kind of quiet that meant Santa wouldn’t like what she was about to say. “Maybe it’s time to resort to…drastic measures.”

Santa stared hard at Lil. The bright twinkle that normally shone in his eyes dimmed a little as though he knew what she was going to say. He sighed heavily. “I suppose so, Lil. But you know how I feel about it.”

“We know,” said Nim. “But what choice do we have?”

Nim and Lil turned as one to Pixie and Figgy. 

“Figgy, I think you know what we have to do.”

“Not Section 2 Chapter 5 Rule 3.2?” Figgy’s voice trembled. “Are you sure? It seems so…drastic.”

“Desperate times…,” said Nim.

“Uh…what is Section 1B?” asked a perplexed Pixie.

“Why don’t you take her back and explain, Figgy,” said Lil. 

“Here.” Nim handed Figgy a box of sugar cubes. “Mix three sugar cubes with a bottle of molasses. She’s going to need it.”

                        *                      *

Pixie finished off the bottle of elixir and took three deep breaths. 


“So, let me get this straight,” she began. “We are going to purposely dust the entire house with glitter? Actual glitter??”

“And confetti,” answered Figgy. 

“And this is in The Book? Sanctioned by Santa?”

Figgy sighed. “Only in the most dire of circumstances.”

Pixie shook her head in disbelief. “But, what about the rule that states “No Mischief Maker should purposely make a mess of the entire house. Specifically glitter and confetti. Specifically, Figgy. Those two are called out specifically!

“Yes, but you are forgetting the footnote.” Figgy opened his copy of The Book and pointed to the tiny footnote.”



“Footnote 2.1 – Rule 3.2 may be broken only if assigned child shows consistent and increasing symptoms of “Disbelief” in Santa’s Magic. Mischief Makers must get permission from Santa before proceeding.”

“Who reads the footnotes?!” 

Figgy snickered. 

Pixie stood up and squared her shoulders. “Well, let’s get started then.” 

“And let’s finding a hiding place where their mom can’t reach. I have a feeling she is not going to be very happy with us tomorrow.” 

Pixie giggled nervously and flew off to set up. 


Mischief Makers Day 17: Pixie Picaso

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Day 17 Pixie Picasso

“Er, what is that, Figgy?” Pixie’s head tilted from side to side, trying to figure out what Figgy was painting. 

Figgy looked at her in disbelief. “It’s Santa.”

Pixie studied it harder. 

She moved closer.

She moved further away.

She stood on her head.

“Ahem.” Figgy tapped his toes.

“Oh, uh, of course. I see him now.” Her tone was less than convincing, but Figgy just shrugged. Some elves just couldn’t see true art.


Pixie smiled and got back to her painting of the boys, continuing their conversation about what Glitter could be up to. They had thought of some pretty fantastical excuses for her behavior.

“Maybe she’s training for a job on Santa’s team.”

“Or maybe she’s planning a big surprise party to celebrate the end of the season,” said Figgy.


Pixie stopped painting mid-stroke. “Or maybe…she’s training a super secret network of elf spies to make sure the toymakers are doing their jobs correctly.”

“Pixie, that’s–.”

“No, no. Hear me out. Did you see the quality of some of those toys last year? The brittle plastic? The shoddy craftsmanship?”

“But that was not the toymakers doing, they’re not in charge of ordering materials. That’s the Santa’s Supply Staff’s job.”

“Ok, ok, but what about ‘The Recall’?”

Figgy gasped. He’d forgotten about ‘The Recall’. It had been a big scandal in the Toymaker’s Workshop. Santa’s Toymakers had tried to cover it up but, unfortunately, a blabbermouth named Buzzy told his friend Gabby who told her friend Squeaker who leaked it to the rest of the North Pole community.

“Santa was so mad,” said Figgy. “I’d never seen him lose his temper before.”

“I know,” added Pixie. “When he said ‘No candy canes for any of the toymakers at dinner,’ I knew it was serious.”

“Poor Toymakers could only have gumdrops, chocolate trees and lollipops for dinner that night.” Figgy shook his head sadly.

A bright light flashed at the window followed by a loud crack. Figgy and Pixie jumped, knocking over paints and canvases. 

“What was that!?” whisper-shouted Pixie. Figgy peered out the window…and gasped. 

Pixie peered over his shoulder. “It’s Glitter, but what are those things prancing around her legs?”


“Tiny reindeer!” shouted Figgy, bouncing on his toes. “Aren’t the so cute!?”

The two elves stood aside as Glitter and her three tiny reindeer trotted into the kitchen. 

“Pixie, Figgy,” said Glitter proudly. “I’d like you to meet my new charges.”

The teeny reindeer stepped forward in turn.

“I’m Thunder.”

“I’m Blixen.”

“An’ I’m Rudolph Junior.” Rudolph Junior’s nose was slightly pink and glowing, just like the original Rudolph had when he had been a young calf.

“Glitter, is this what you’ve been up to?” asked Pixie. 

“Yes, Santa put me in charge of training the next herd of Reindeer Pets.” Glitter cocked her head. “You seem disappointed, Pixie. What did you think I was doing?”

Figgy snorted.



Mischief Makers Day 16: Up a Tree

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Day 16 Up a Tree

“And we can have a room just for reading, and a secret door.”

“And a rope ladder, Joe. We have to have a rope ladder.”

The boys were discussing the tree house they planned to build when the weather got warmer. The tree they had in mind for it had lost a few smaller branches and their dad said they could use it for their dream tree house as long as they planned it out and saved for the materials to build it.

“Time for bed boys. Go brush your teeth and get your pjs on.”

“Aw, but Mom…”.

“No buts, time to get to bed so those elves can come and make whatever mischief they have planned.” 

Jake perked up and zipped into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Joe looked at his mom and sighed. 

“I know, Mom.”

“Know what sweetie?”

“You know. That it’s you.”

His mom looked at him in confusion.

“Oh come on, Mom. You are the elves! You stay up and do all the work.”

“Sweetie, I have no idea what you are talking about.”


She ruffled his hair. “You’re tired. Now go brush your teeth and get your pjs on. I’ll come to tuck you in when you’re done.”

With a heavy, exaggerated sigh, Joe tramped off to the bathroom, mumbling under his breath. 

*             *             *

“Where’s Santa?” Figgy frantically flew to Nim and Lil’s office at the North Pole.


“Figgy? Pixie? What’s going on?” asked Nim in alarm.

“Where’s Santa?? We have an emergency!” Pixie paced and panicked in front of Lil’s desk.

“Calm down,” said Lil. “Take a deep breath and tell us what happened.”

“Joe and Jake were–.”

“…talking about treehouses–.”

“…and poles to slide down–.”

“…brush their teeth and–.”

“FIGGY! PIXIE! CALM DOWN!” Nim had never yelled so loud, had never seemed so intimidating as he did right now. 

Pixie and Figgy immediately stopped interrupting each other and gasped, taking big, deep breaths to calm themselves.

“Sorry,” said Figgy and Pixie in a small, sad voices.

Lil took a seat at her desk. “Now, tell us what happened.”

Figgy, in as calm a manner as he could muster, related the whole tale. When he was done, Nim and Lil were absolutely silent. 

“Well,” said Pixie. “What should we do?”

Nim cleared his throat. “Go back. Carry out whatever you had planned for tonight.”


“We’ll talk to Santa and let you know the game plan as soon as we can. For now, it’s business as usual.”

“Can’t we talk to Santa now? Where is he?” Pixie half stood to go in search of him.

“No. Santa is busy. There was…an emergency in the reindeer barn.”

Figgy’s eyes grew wide with concern. He and Lil knew that Glitter had been spending a lot of time in the reindeer barn. “Is Glitter–?” 

“Glitter is fine,” Lil said softly, reassuringly. “I promise.”

“Now go,” repeated Nim. “You’re running out of time. Morning will be here before you know it.”

With nothing left to say, Pixie and Figgy took off, heading back to their house. Both wondering how long it would continue to be their house.