2018 Mischief Makers Day 4

Day 4: Cookie Clutter


Day 3: Snowmen at Night


Day 2: Tinsel Town


Day 1: Broken Bones and Promises


Day 0: The Launch




2018 Mischief Makers Day 3: Snowmen at Night

I’m having a blast re-reading these stories. Poor Glitter really gets it in this one!

Day 3: Snowmen at Night


Day 2: Tinsel Town


Day 1: Broken Bones and Promises


Day 0: The Launch




2018 Mischief Makers Day 2: Tinsel Town

I forgot how much mischief these elves got up to last year. Have a listen to Day 2Tinsel Town!

Day 2 Tinsel Town


Prologue and Day 0



Day 1


2018 Mischief Makers Day 1: Broken Bones and Promises

Check out the audio of Day 1 from last year’s adventures!

Did you miss Day 0 and the Prologue? Click here!

Counting down the days until the 2019 season!

Mischief Makers…in Stereo!

Since I’ve started my voice acting adventure in January, I’ve been a little busier than usual. I’ve been trying to figure out how to blend this new career with my blogging, writing, and homesteading…and then it hit me.

Mischief Makers…in stereo!


I’ve decided that this month, I will record last year’s Mischief Makers stories as a lead up to Nim, Lil, Figgy, Pixie and Glitter’s shenanigans this coming season.


2018 Mischief Makers: Prologue:

2018 Mischief Makers: Day 0:



Better Late

The air was warm
when I stepped out.
A humid breeze.

The garden called
when I walked past.
Look at these!

The weeds were tall
and overgrown.
A gnarly mess.

But in the jumble
when I looked close…
Can you guess?

A spot of red,
a strip of orange
and brightest green.

Two giant bowls
of shiny peppers.
A brilliant sheen.

Competition Update

The 2019 Garden Competition is going strong. The harvests are not as big as we had hoped, but we are happy with what we do get.

So far, Jake has taken the lead in the biggest harvest with his summer squash. Jake is second with his cucumbers and I in last place with mine.


Jake is also the front runner for most oddly shaped.


Joe’s homemade refrigerator pickles are delicious. They are “sugar free” and he even used a “secret ingredient” to give them that extra spice.


Jake made squash cookies which forced us to split the Best Recipe category into two: sweet and savory.

Jake will be making squash pickles for his savory entry and Joe is waiting for his pumpkin to grow so he can make a pie for his.


Although he has rearranged, lost and buried much of his gnome village, Jake still has the Best Decorated category locked as well as the Biggest Plant with his massive squash.

Joe’s garden has been hit hard by drought and cat attacks, but he’s still in the lead for Most Colorful.

My harvest has not been as plentiful. I am last place in every category. But…I am hopeful that my watermelon will save the day and get me the Biggest Fruit trophy. Although, Joe is determined to take that title with his “experimental cucumber”.



The kiwi vines are thick and green,
hanging heavily on the wires,
Small fruits hide, camouflaged
in their dense, jade spires.

Smiles of surprise and delight
with every precious find.
Each new bunch of grape-sized
fruit brings thrills to heart and mind.

Steps falter, a gasp escapes,
the cold grip of dread replaces
the bright hand of happiness
that just filled our faces.

Tiny iridescent blights of death
crunching on thick leaves.
My heart fills with angry woe
at these loathsome insect thieves.

That these horrid bugs dare
to threaten and cruelly waste
our long-awaited first harvest…
leaves behind a bitter taste.


First Taste

The first taste of his radish,
brought big smiles to Joe’s face.
He savored it a moment,
then spit and gagged…with grace.

Jacob’s find was better.
A snap pea, sharp and sweet.
The crunch was loud and crisp,
a taste that can’t be beat.

They each pulled out a carrot,
the root was thin like hay.
“Oh boys, you won’t have carrots
until another day.”

They pulled some weeds and chattered
about their garden dreams.
It took just one small veggie,
now they work as a team!




This poem is a collaboration with my nieces and my two boys. Enjoy!

Mean old Bully Bertha,
our clueless, speckled hen,
was mean to Cyclops Jenny,
our one-eyed little friend.

While Jenny planned and plotted,
Bertha pecked and picked.
Our Jenny’s plan was simple.
“I’ll get that mean ol’ chick!”

When all the hens were sleeping,
she shuffled through the hay.
Her evil laugh was quiet
as she approached her prey.

The only sound big Bertha made
was a squawk of great surprise.
Then Jenny made the final blow
and pecked out both her eyes!