Mischief Makers Day 13: Nurse Nim

Oh Little Lil and Figgy too
Are resting tired and weak
And Pixie has a bumps on her head
and bruises on her cheek
Yet Nim and Glitter tend them
They soothe their aches and pains
Nim plays the Nurse while Glitter heals
With bandaids on her reins

When Nim finished his version of Oh Little Town of Bethlehem Figgy and Pixie clapped. Even Lil smiled.

“Give Lil the ice pack, Nim.” Glitter cantered over to Figgy to check on his eye.

“Ahem.” Nim tapped his toe and stared pointedly at Glitter.

Glitter sighed. “Give Lil the ice pack, Nurse Nim.”


Nim hopped over to Lil. “Here you go.”


“You know,” said Figgy with his eye on Lil. “Maybe it’s time to call a truce.”

“Yes,” added Pixie staring at Nim. “We all got pretty banged up last night on that climb.”

“Poor Lil was left dangling by her toes all day,” said Glitter. “And just look at the bump on Pixie’s head.”


“Don’t forget about me!” Figgy pointed to his black eye.


When Lil had fallen from her bows, one of her flailing arms had socked Figgy right in the eye.

“Sorry about that Figgy.”

Figgy smiled. “Think of the fun we could have if we joined forces!”

“The mischief we could manage!” said Pixie.

A long, uncomfortable but expectant silence hung like a cloud over the group.

Nim peeked at Lil. “What do you say?”

“I guess our war is getting a little…”.

“Crazy?” offered Pixie.

“Silly?” said Figgy.

“Absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary?” added Glitter.

Lil and Nim looked at each other warily. Then, Lil’s eyes began to twinkle. Nim’s lips began to twitch. And, before Glitter could say Merry Christmas, they were laughing and hugging and…best friends once again.




Mischief Makers Day 12: Christmas Climb

“And remember when Lil fell through the ice?”

“Figgy,” Lil said. “It just happened last night. Of course Pixie remembers.”

“And, when Nim got tangled up in the dog sled, and Barrel couldn’t stop licking his face.”

“Pixie,” said Nim. “Everyone remembers…it just happened.”

Pixie and Figgy just laughed harder.


“Well,” said Nim. “Tonight, Pixie and I have a challenge of our own.”

Lil raised an eyebrow. Figgy raised two.

“A challenge? What kind of challenge?” asked Lil.

“Pixie and I challenge you to–”.

“A Christmas Climb!” blurted Pixie. “On Christmas bows!”

Nim sighed with exasperation and shook his head with a smile.

“Oh I’m sorry Nim! I’m just so excited!”

Lil coughed, trying to hide a laugh. A Christmas Climb was a tradition. Nim and Lil had done one every December for the past five years. She shot Nim a sideways look.

“It was…Pixie’s idea,” said Nim, looking at his feet.

“Of course,” said Lil.


“When do we get started?” said Figgy. The awkward silence transformed into a buzz of excitement.

Pixie led the group to the hallway just outside the boys’ room. It was covered in bows with four ribbons hanging down from the top.

Ta da!” Pixie whisper-shouted.

Figgy looked up at the red, green, silver and gold climbing wall. “Rules?”

No flying,” said Nim.

No floating,” said Pixie.

No…flapping?” teased Figgy.

There’s one rule you forgot, Nim,” Lil said quietly.

All the elves looked at Lil.

“Have fun!”



Mischief Makers Day 11: Holidathlon

Lil was still miffed about The Balloon Incident. Figgy thought it was hilarious.

“Oh come on Lil,” said Figgy with a smile. “It was pretty funny.”

“Funny? Waking up in a hot, elf slobbered balloon is not my idea of funny, Figgy.”

Figgy shook his head. “What happened to your sense of fun, Lil?”

Lil turned wide eyes on Figgy. “My sense of…fun? There is nothing wrong with my sense of fun!”

Figgy raised an eyebrow.

Lil huffed.

“Look, how about instead of being angry,” said Figgy. “We challenge them.”

Lil crossed her arms.


“No really, let’s challenge them to a Holidathlon.”

“A what?” Lil crinkled her brow.

“It’s a race with three Christmas themed events. First event, a Christmas Bag Race. Event number two, a Sprinkle Skate and the finale is a Dog-sled Race.”

“That sounds like so much…fun!”

Figgy smiled. “I think it’s time you started having fun again.”

Lil and Figgy pulled out paper sacks and markers for decorating.

They hooked a tail-wagging, drooling Barrel up to a miniature sled, then turned to Glitter to do the same.


“Don’t even think about it,” said Glitter.

Finally, they prepared the sink for skating.

When they’d finished, Lil’s smile was bigger than ever.

“This was a great idea, Figgy. Thanks for reminding me how much fun it is to have…fun.”.


Nim and Pixie crashed through the window and landed in a heap next to Lil.

“Wow!” said Pixie. “This looks great!”

“Thanks!” said Figgy with a big grin. “I thought the ice lake was a little…”. Figgy trailed off at the look on Lil’s face. “Er…thanks.”

Lil glared at Nim.

Nim glared at Lil.

“Ahem,” said Figgy. “Lil and I wondered if…that is to say we wanted to…”.

“We challenge you to a Holidathlon,” finished Lil.

“A holi–what?” asked Nim.

“Racin’, skatin’ and sleddin’!” said Figgy waving his hands at each station in turn.

“Oooo…that sounds exciting!” exclaimed Pixie.

“Well?” Lil looked to Nim.

Nim narrowed his eyes. “Challenge accepted.”

Figgy and Pixie jumped and twirled in approval.

“What’s first?” asked Pixie.

“Step right up,” said Figgy. “Decorate your bag and get ready to race!”


The four elves set to decorating their bags with the most outrageous Christmas designs.

Figgy drew Santa in a Hawaiian shirt drinking from a coconut with Rudolph lounging in the pool.

Pixie continued the theme with Dasher and Dancer bringing Mrs. Claus a Pina Colada.

“What is that on your bag, Lil?” Figgy squinted.

“Oh, just a Christmas song.”

Fill the track with lots of candy
Fa la la la la, la la la la
When I win it will be dandy
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Nim will never win against me
Fa la la, la la la, la la la
He’s too slow and always will be
Fa la la la la, la la la la

“Mine has a song on it too,” said Nim belligerently.

Racing round and round the tra-ack
Fa la la la la, la la la la
In a Christmas paper sa-ack
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Always passing Lil and Figgy
Fa la la, la la la, la la la
I’ll win this race but it’s no biggie
Fa la la la la, la la la la

Figgy and Pixie shared a worried look.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.”

Mischief Makers Day 10: Hot Air Balloons

“We were stuck in that…glass prison all day!” Nim exclaimed, furiously pacing in front of Santa’s desk.

Santa’s beard quivered and his eyes twinkled. “Nim, I’m glad to see you are feeling better.”

Nim stopped pacing and smiled sheepishly. “Sorry Santa, it’s good to see you too.”

Pixie coughed.

“Oh! Pixie!” Nim turned. “Santa, I’d like you to meet Pixie the Birthday Elf.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Santa, sir.” Pixie gave an awkward curtsy.

“Ho, ho, hello, Pixie. Good to meet you too.”

Pixie cleared her throat nervously and looked away. She knew what was coming. “You’ve told the Birthday Beagle, haven’t you?”

“I’m afraid so, Pixie. The Council of Holidays would have been very unhappy with me had I not reported it.”

Pixie hung her head. “Of course. I understand, sir.”

“No, my dear,” said Santa. “Don’t look so glum. I have some good news.”


Pixie’s head snapped up.

Santa’s eyes twinkled. “The Birthday Beagle has agreed to let you work with my elves for the rest of the season as long as you continue your duties as Birthday Elf to both boys.”

Pixie whirled into the air, a pink blur whizzing through the room.

“She seems happy about his decision,” said a smirking Nim.

“Oh, Nim! Isn’t it exciting??” said Pixie as they flew back. “I get to stay! I get to come out more than one day a year!”

Nim did a loop in the air. “What should we do to celebrate?”

Pixie eyed Nim. “You mean how can we get even with Lil and Figgy?”


“You have to admit, the snow globe was a clever idea.”

“Oh, ok.” Nim muttered. “It was very clever.”

And,” Pixie smiled. “It gave me an idea, but it will take some sneakiness.”

“Tell me more,” said Nim.


After Pixie told Nim her plan, he couldn’t wait to get started.

“I bring a peace offering.” Nim floated to the couch next to Figgy and Lil.


“Are those…snickerdoodles?” asked Lil.

“Yep, your favorite.”

Figgy and Lil eyed the cookies suspiciously.

“Oh come on,” said Nim. “They’re still warm.” He pushed the plate toward them.

Still cautious, Figgy and Lil picked up a cookies and sniffed them.

Figgy nibbled on his. “Seems ok,” he said to Lil.

Lil shrugged. The cookies looked delicious. And they were so hungry from all the scheming. They gobbled them up

Figgy suddenly slumped soundlessly to the floor. Lil’s eyelids grew heavy. She stared at the cookie and then looked up at Nim.

“You, you,” she started and, letting out a big yawn, slid down next to Figgy.

“Aaaaand they’re out!” said Nim.

Pixie zoomed in holding a balloon in each hand.

“Ok, now this is going to be the tricky part.” Her eyes twinkled. “Should we put them in head or feet first?”


Mischief Makers Day 9: Snowglobes

“But Santa! Where did she come from? I’ve never even heard of a Birthday Elf.”

Santa smiled. “Well, I did tell the Birthday Beagle he could copy my idea. I just didn’t realize he had gotten that far along.”

Lil huffed.

“I think it’s great!” said Figgy.

“Well I don’t think it’s great at all.” Lil grumbled, glaring at Figgy.

Fifteen minutes later, Figgy and Lil were on their way back.

“What if we get them back for that jello incident?” Figgy said, breaking the tense silence.

Lil smiled, mischief lighting her eyes. “I know exactly what we can do. But, we’ll have to sneak in through the garage.”

Figgy looked nervously at Lil as they circled around to the front of the house. “I hope it’s not dangerous, Lil. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

Lil grinned making Figgy even more nervous.

They snuck in under the garage door. When they got inside, they crept around the closet toward the refrigerator.


Lil, what are we–”.

Shhhhhhhh! Just go grab a that bag of mini marshmallows and meet me back here. If you see Glitter, tell her to keep Nim and Pixie distracted.”

Figgy did as he was told. He ran into Glitter and gave her the message.

“They’re pretty distracted right now. Pixie is helping Nim take off his cast.”


Figgy grabbed the bag of marshmallows and silently whizzed back Lil, who was setting a clear bowl propped on top of a paper plate.

“Now what?” asked Figgy as he munched the marshmallows.


“Did you see Nim or Pixie?”

“No, but Glitter said they are taking Nim’s cast off.”

Lil couldn’t help but smile. “So it’s finally ready to come off!” She scowled, remembering she was supposed to be mad. “Ok, here’s the plan. You take those marshmallows and make a trail from the Christmas tree to the counter.”

“O-kaaay,” said Figgy. “Then what?”

Lil waved her arms with a flourish at the bowl and paper plate. It was only then that Figgy noticed the bowl was propped precariously on a pencil that was tied to a tripwire. Next to the trap was a snowglobe with a sign that read: Elf in Captivity, Do not disturb

He looked at Lil shrewdly. “Remind me never to get on your bad side.



Mischief Makers Day 8: Googly-Eyed

“Where on earth did he get to this time?” Lil asked, frustrated.

“Probably off pouting. The ninja course was a big hit,” said Glitter.

“It was, wasn’t it?” Figgy grinned.

“Nim! Where are you?”

“Don’t worry,” said Glitter with an odd smile. “He’ll come out. Eventually.”

Lil gave Glitter a questioning look, then shook her head.

“Ok, let’s get started” said Figgy. “Let’s get the pancake mix, sprinkles…oh, and we’ll need an egg.”

Lil flew to the fridge.

“Be careful Lil, you don’t want to break an eg–.”


Figgy zoomed to the fridge.

“What is it Lil? What’s wrong?” Figgy gasped.

They hovered in front of the fridge, eyes wide and mouths open. Every single item in the fridge was staring at them with big, small and medium googly eyes. Lil was speechless.


Figgy giggled. “This must have taken FOREVER to do.”

“Nim and Glitter must have spent all night doing this!”

Figgy, still laughing, glanced down at the floor. A bowl of green jello was directly below them.

“Lil, what’s tha—.”


Nim and Pixie, hovering silently above them, dropped a heavy, green towel on their heads. Figgy and Lil crashed into the bowl of chopped up green jello. They were covered.


“You did NOT tell me this was part of the plan, Nim and Pixie!” Glitter was splattered with small chunks of jello.

“Pixie?” Lil wiped green goop from her eyes. “Who’s Pixie?”


Mischief Makers Day 7: Night Ninjas

Day 6 Story: Scrooged

Nim watched Lil and Figgy setting up the course: the Ninja Warrior course. This had been his idea. He and Lil had discussed it at length during a planning meeting in July.

Nim was jealous and angry. They were doing the course without him. Trying to keep Glitter from calling him a Scrooge again, he sat with a tight smile frozen on his face.

“Figgy, you look like you are going to rob a bank.”

Lil fixed Figgy’s ninja outfit before adjusting her bandana.


“Looks good guys.” Nim’s voice was strained, but he was trying.

Lil floated over to Nim and put her hand on his shoulder. “I know. This was your idea. I’m sad that you can’t participate too. That’s why I got you this.”

Lil pulled out a tiny black belt and handed it to Nim.

He smiled and looked into Lil’s eyes. “Thanks, Lil. This means a lot.”

Lil smiled. “Your leg is almost fully healed, Nim. Just a few more days.”


“Come on, Lil!” shouted Figgy. “Let’s test out the balance beam.”

With a quick grin for Nim, Lil raced off to the course.


Nim turned, expecting to see Glitter. His eyes widened. An elf, dressed in pink, peeked out of a cabinet door.

Nim was speechless.

“Hi,” said the elf.

“H-hello,” said Nim. “Er…who are you?”

The pink elf smiled nervously and cleared her throat. “Name’s Pixie. I’m a Birthday Elf.”

“Birthday elf? What is that?” Nim was suspicious. He’d never heard of a “Birthday Elf”.

“You know, an elf that visits kids on their birthdays.”


Nim shook his head. “That is the most ridiculous…”. Nim trailed off at the look on the poor elf’s face. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to make fun. I’m Nim.”

“I know. And that is Lil, and over there is Figgy.”


“I’ve been watching you guys.” Pixie noticed the look on Nim’s face and quickly added. “Not in a creepy I’m watching you way though. Just watching all the fun.”

Nim still looked unsure.

“I only get out one day a year you know.”

“Yes, well…”. Nim smiled, a sudden idea popping into his head. “We could be partners!”


“You and me! We could be partners for the rest of the season…causing mischief and mayhem and–”.

“Wait a minute, Nim, I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.”

“Oh.” Nim seemed to deflate.

Pixie smiled. “It’s a great idea!”



Mischief Makers Day 6: Scrooged

“Over here Lil!” Figgy pointed to a stack of toilet paper almost as high as the Christmas tree.

Lil laughed and lobbed another roll over to Figgy. “Here you go!”

Nim watched their antics, scowling.


“You might as well just accept it, Nim,” said Glitter. “He’s here to stay. At least until you get better.”

“She doesn’t have to look like she’s having so much fun,” Nim grumbled.

“Stop being such a Scrooge, Nim.”

Nim had never, ever in all his 124 years been called a Scrooge. He felt sick thinking about it. “I–I’m not being—”.

“Oh yes you are. Sitting over here grumbling, groaning and grimacing. You might as well say ‘Ba Humbug’ and be done with it.”

Nim bristled. “I…”. He bowed his head, ashamed of his behavior. “You’re right, Glitter. I’ve lost the Christmas Spirit.”

“Then get it back. And fast.”


“Almost done, Figgy!” Lil handed him a pair of popsicle sticks and wooden skewers. “Your skis and sticks.”

“Wow Lil, these are great!” The skis had his name and were decorated in red and green.

“Hey guys,” Nim said in a falsely cheery voice. “Need a little extra Christmas Spirit?”

Nim came zipping down what was supposed to be a ski lift, but what turned out more like a zip line. He was going way too fast.

“Nim, be careful!” yelled Lil.

Both elves watched, horrified as Nim slammed to the floor, twisting his already injured leg.

“Oops,” said Figgy.


Mischief Makers Day 5: Elf in Trouble

Oh Little Elf on Santa’s list
Of bad and naughty sprites
You cannot do a single thing
But sit and sulk all night

Oh Nim you are a bad elf
You’ve ruined all the days
Now Lil must do it all alone
While Glitter huffs and brays

“Stick to the real words Nim,” Glitter said and added more bubbles to his bath.

“Santa told us to make you relax,” said Lil. “He sent this letter for you.”

Nim took the letter with a gloomy frown. This was a busy time of year for Santa. Sending a personal letter with everything else he had on his cookie plate could not be a good sign.


With trembling fingers, he cracked the seal.

Dear Nim,

Ho, ho, hope this letter finds you well on the road to recovery. I don’t like scolding my elves so I’ll just say this. If you cannot relax and get well, I’ll have to pull some of the Toymakers out to bring you back to the North Pole.

I don’t want to do it, Nim, but if I get another angry parent letter…I’ll have no choice.

I’ve sent a temporary partner for Lil so Glitter can stay and keep you company.

Be good, Nim. I expect to see you fully recovered in one week.


Nim looked up in outrage. Glitter was pawing at the floor nervously.

“Who is it?”

“Well…he’s new to the Mischief Makers,” said Lil.

“A newbie? Santa sent a newbie to replace me?”

“He’s not a replacement, Nim.” Lil’s voice sounded too bright.

“He’s a temporary fill-in until you get well,” said Glitter.

“And? Where is this intruder?” Nim felt ridiculous sitting in a crockpot full of bubbles while some interloper was out invading his territory.

Lil sighed. “Figgy? FIGGY!”

“Figgy?” said Nim. “Like…the pudding? Ridiculous name for an elf.”

A green clad elf flew merrily to the crockpot and landed in front of Lil with a perfect triple backflip. “Yes Ma’am! Reporting for duty!”


“Figgy, I’d like you to meet Nim.”

“Hello sir! Can I just say how happy I am to be a part of the team.”

“No,” Nim said coldly. “You cannot.”

Figgy’s face fell. Lil’s lips lowered. Glitter grimaced.

“Well,” said Figgy after a pause. “This is awkward.”

Lil laughed nervously. “Why don’t you go toast the bread Figgy. I need to talk to Nim.”

Figgy zipped off to the kitchen.

“The bread?” asked Nim.

“It was Figgy’s idea. We’re going to wear the toast and write…”. Lil’s voice trailed off at the look on Nim’s face.


“Well,” said Nim stiffly. “You’d better get going.”

“Nim, I…”. But Nim had turned away, humming his sad and mournful version of Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem.


Mischief Makers Day 4: Cookie Clutter

“Let’s see, Barrel, what else do we need?” Nim sat on the counter directing the St. Bernard.

Barrel, a St. Bernard the size of a teacup, barked with enthusiasm.

“I think you are right,” he said. “You can never have too many sprinkles.”

Barrel nosed and pawed out containers of sprinkles.




Sprinkles covered the floor.

Nim floated unsteadily to the ground to clean the mess. As he passed an open pantry drawer, he lost his balance and flipped backwards. He landed hard in a pile of red hots.


Lil and Glitter came fluttering into the kitchen, witnessing the end of his fall.

Glitter, already regretting the shaving cream fight of the night before, lost her antlers. “That’s it Nim! You have GOT to stop helping! You’re making things worse!”

“Now Glitter, he’s not–”.

“You heard Santa tonight, Lil!”

“Glitter, we said we wouldn’t talk about this tonight!” Lil whispered jerking her head towards Nim.

“Well, I think he needs to hear it.” Glitter fumed.

“Hear what?” Nim looked nervously between them.


“Well…Santa is concerned.”

Glitter huffed.

“He feels you should be spending your time getting better. Healing quickly so you can participate in the season.”

“But, I am participating. What about the shaving cream and the Christmas village?”

“Nim, those were…kind of messy.”

Glitter snorted.

“Messy? You both helped make the mess last night!” Nim cried.

“And we were scolded for that,” said Lil.

“Scolded?!” Glitter bellowed. “Scolded? We were told that if something like that happens again we are all in danger of being reassigned!”

Silence fell like heavy snow.


Glitter took a few deep breaths to calm down. “Our mischief is supposed to be merry, not messy.”

Nim scooted through the pile of sprinkles. “My mischief is merry…isn’t it?”

Lil helped Nim to the counter. “What Glitter means is that we should be wrapping up cabinets or decorating the doors with lights and streamers.”

“Not…destroying the house,” Glitter mumbled.

Lil started to clean up the mess while Glitter set out the Christmas craft they had brought for the boys.

“But,” Nim climbed on Barrel’s back. “I can fix that! I can make this season great again!”

Lil watched in horror as Nim rode Barrel to the top of the tree. Too late she realized what he was about to do.

“Nim! Noooooooo!!!!”

“Cowabunga!” Nim swung like Tarzan on a string of garland and crashed into the window. With a yelp, Barrel fell to the ground and the Christmas tree teetered, tottered and then toppled to the floor.

“Oops,” Nim mumbled before sliding down the window and crumpling in a heap.