Mischief Makers Day 24: The Final Farewell?

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You put us through the wringer
Our nerves were taut and frayed
We almost gave up several times
Your challenge was well-played

Goodbye all you dear children
We enjoyed? your little tricks.
Although we won’t be back next year
You won’t be in a fix.

We’ll send you someone special.
A team who’s stern, but fun.
They know all about you
Your trickster days are done!

Mischief Makers Day 23: Shocking Secrets

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“Figgy, Pixie!” Lil panted. “Don’t do it!”

Nim and Lil came streaming through the kitchen with Glitter hot on their heels. 

Pixie and Figgy frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Nim and Glitter looked around the room while Lil caught her breath. They saw the snack laden kitchen table and stack of games set up, ready to be played. 

“Oh,” sighed Glitter. “Good.”

Nim laughed nervously. “Whew! We thought for sure you were set to go out with a bang.”

“Well,” said Figgy. “We were just discussing livening this game day up a bit with some sparklers and fireworks.”

“NO!” Glitter, Nim and Lil all yelled at once.

“Jeez you three,” laughed Pixie. “Figgy is just kidding. We were only arguing about which game we should add to the pile. Quirkle or Mancala. Any votes?”

The new arrivals sighed in relief. 

“What’s going on?” asked Figgy. For the first time, he noticed the worried expressions on Nim and Lil’s faces and the serious set to Glitter’s head. 

Nim and Lil looked at eachother, communicating with eyebrows and head nods. 

“Wow you guys,” said Glitter. “Not too subtle, are you?”

Nim sighed. “We overheard Santa and The Director talking about you both.”

Figgy gasped. “The Director?” 

Lil nodded.

“What am I missing?” asked Pixie. “Who is ‘The Director’?”

“Sorry, Pixie,” said Lil. “I forget you were originally under the Birthday Beagle Brigade. The Director is the Head of Operations at the North Pole.”

“I thought Santa was the COO?”

“He is…sort of,” said Glitter. 

When Pixie still looked blank, Figgy filled her in. 

“The Director is in charge of the entire North Pole. All programs and events…even Santa.”

“And,” added Nim. “When there are problems that can’t be solved by traditional means, The Director sends a crew in to help.” 

“What problems have we caused?” asked Figgy. “We had a really rough start this season, but we managed to straighten out the Malloys ok.”

“Yeah,” added Pixie. “They’re absolute angels compared to the beginning of the year.”

“Righhhht,” said Glitter. “But it’s not just them. The Director had to re-enstate B.R.A.T.T. this season due to other…overzealous charges.”

“But that’s not our fault!” said Figgy. 

“I know,” said Lil. “We’re not exactly sure what is going on. We just overheard Santa and The Director talking and we heard your names and words like ‘too many messes’ and ‘re-assignment’.”

“Just who is The Director and why does he have so much power!?” spluttered Pixie.

She,” said Lil. “And she has so much power because she keeps the North Pole running smoothly. Santa would be lost without her help.”

Pixie’s eyes widened as realization dawned. “Mrs. Claus? She’s The Director?” 

Nim nodded while Figgy spluttered. “B-but does that mean…we won’t be coming back here next season?”

Lil gulped. “I’m afraid it may be worse than that.”

“That’s right,” said Nim. “We think Santa is pulling you two from the program.”

Mischief Makers Day 22: Manic Minutes

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Figgy and Pixie waited patiently for Nim and Lil. They were supposed to have met them at Candy Cane Cafe so they could all fly to the house together. Glitter had showed up and told them that Nim and Lil would just meet them at the Malloy’s. 

“Where are they?” asked Pixie for the hundredth time. 

“Santa must have needed them for longer than I thought,” said Glitter with a frown. 

“We really need to start setting up the games,” said Figgy. “I don’t think we can wait any longer.”

“Too bad, they were so excited to help tonight,” said Pixie. 

Glitter gazed at the sky, hoping to see the pair zooming toward the house. “Well, let’s get moving.”

“How many solo cups do we need?” asked Figgy as he pulled sleeve after sleeve after sleeve out of the giant bag of supplies. 

“Twenty-one per kid,” said Pixie. 

“Ok, that’s 21 times 12…carry the one, add the 2…the square root of 56 is…”.

“Geez Figgy, it’s 252,” said Pixie with a shake of her head. 

“Right. I knew that.”

“What about the ping pong balls?” asked Glitter.

“10 per kid,” said Pixie. 

“120 ping pong balls comi–.” 


“Oh no!”

Ping pong balls spilled out over the floor rolling here, there and everywhere. 

Pixie and Figgy couldn’t help laughing as they watched Glitter canter around trying to gather them all back together.

“You could help me, you know!”

“Oh but it is so much more fun to watch,” said Pixie. At the glare from Glitter, Pixie relented and flew over to help collect them. 

“I’ll get the dice ready while Glitter plays ping-pong,” said Figgy. “How many do we need again?”

“Six per—72 Figgy. We need 72.”

“And 12 pairs of chopsticks!” Glitter shouted from the basement.

All three minute-to-win-it games were set up and still Nim and Lil were not at the house. 

“What did you say Santa needed to talk to them about, Glitter?” asked Figgy. 

When Glitter didn’t answer, Pixie prodded. “Glitter, tell us what you know.”

Glitter, who always seemed to be on top of all the North Pole news, didn’t answer at first. 

“Glitter?” Figgy folded his arms.

Turning to face Figgy and Pixie she admitted. “This time…I honestly have no idea. 

Mischief Makers Day 21: Clown Craze

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“Where in the North Pole is Pixie?” Figgy paced in front of Santa’s Workshop. “It’s getting early and we won’t have time for the balloon wall if she doesn’t get here soon!”

Lil looked up at the clocktower. “She’ll be here soon. She wanted to stop by Holiday Hair for a quick trim.”

“She wears a hat all the time, what does she need a trim for?? And why now of all times!?” 

Frantically, Figgy flew to Holiday Hair where he found a purple-haired Pixie smiling wide with sparkling eyes. “Well, what do you think?”

“Er…,” said Nim.

“Well…,” said Lil.

“What the holly happened to you, Pixie?” Figgy exclaimed.

“So…you don’t like my hair?”

“Your hair color is fine, but…well, look for yourself.”

Pixie peeked in the mirror and gasped. Her hair was a gorgeous violet shade, but the style was…big and circus-y.

Nim suspiciously fell into a coughing fit while Lil looked at Pixie sympathetically.

“It’s ok Pixie, it’ll grow back and settle down and–”.

“I LOVE IT!” shouted Pixie, twirling in the air. “It’s so…puffy! And FUN!”

“Come on, Pixie,” said Figgy, shaking his head. “Let’s get to the ring—I mean the Malloy house.” 

“Wait!” said Lil as the two started to take off. “I have an idea to go along with your balloons and Pixie’s new…style. You guys go ahead and get started, Nim and I will be along shortly with the rest.” 

* * *

Figgy and Pixie had been putting up the last of the balloons on the balloon wall when Nim and Lil showed up. 

“Great job with the balloons you guys!” Lil zipped through the window with Nim close on her heels carrying a bag of supplies.

“What’s in the bag, Nim?” asked Figgy.  

“Oh, just a few supplies.”

Nim and Lil reached into the overflowing bag and pulled out four clown costumes.

“No way,” said Figgy, already knowing what they were planning.

“But it’s the perfect complement to your balloon wall!” said Lil.

“How are clown costumes the perfect comp–oh.”

Nim, in the manner of a game show host, flourished supplies for making balloon animals. 

“Wonderful idea you two!” Pixie grabbed a nose and some shoes…she already had the hair covered.   

Figgy, resistant to the idea of dressing up like a clown, had to be gently persuaded to participate. 

“It’s alright Figgy, you’ll get used to the wig,” said Pixie.

“And the nose,” added Lil. 

“And the shoes,” said Nim. 

Grumbles were their only response. 

Bring in the clowns
Hang upside down
Dance ‘round the tree with me
Figgy don’t frown
Bring in the clowns!

Mischief Makers Day 20: Cat Ca-Choo!

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“Ouch! Get off my toe, Figgy!”

“I wouldn’t be on your toe if I could get through the window!”

Figgy and Pixie stood on the ledge outside the kitchen window, struggling to get inside. They’d flown back early to make amends for missing a night of mischief only to find their usual entry locked. 

“I guess we’ll have to use the cat door in the garage,” said Pixie.

Figgy froze. He was not a big fan of cats. Not only was he allergic, he had also had a terrible experience last season with Joe and Jake’s cats

Pixie noticed Figgy’s terrified expression. “It’ll be fine, Figgy. We haven’t seen any signs they still have a cat. I’m sure the door is old.”

Reluctantly, Figgy followed Pixie to the side door where a small flap allowed for cats, or elves, to come and go as they pleased. 

It started as soon as they were inside the garage.


“Hm. I guess I was wrong. They still have a cat.”


“Er, three…four, five. Wow, there must be at least–.”


“Ab dozen. Ab dozen cabts.”

“Oh. That makes sense. One for each kid. C’mon Figgy, let’s get you out of here.”

They pushed and prodded the door into the house until it finally gave way. Figgy tumbled into the hall covered in cat fur and sneezing.

“Poor Figgy,” sighed Pixie. “Did you bring your elfie pen?”

“Nohl. I porgot ibt.”

“Iced chocolate covered cherries dipped in sprinkles and drizzled with syrup then.”

“Bwhat? Dats not ab cure.”

“I know,” smiled Pixie. “But it will be a great pre-game snack!”

While Pixie busily made them a midnight snack, Figgy, miserable and sneezing, looked around trying to find the best place to set up the glow balloon forest. Something seemed…off. 

“What are you looking at, Figgy?” Pixie floated down to the floor next to Figgy, a small tray of chocolate covered cherries in her hands.

“Do you see anything…different?”

Pixie looked around and had the same feeling that something was not quite right in the living room. “I hear a rattling sound. Do you hear that?”

Figgy nodded. “Yes. What could it be?”


The elves turned in the direction of the sound and saw an avalanche pom poms bursting out of the tree. 

“RUUUN!” shouted Pixie. 

Too late. In a matter of seconds, the elves were covered in pom poms of every color and size. A small chorus of voices echoed from a recordable ornament under the tree. 

Welcome back!

The movie was really funny! 


Mischief Makers Day 19: Breakfast Bonanza

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“But, it’s Joe’s birthday! We have to at least try!”

Pixie, Figgy, Nim and Lil sat around the table in the Elfeteria eating a midnight snack of Sugary Frosted Syrup Bites and trying to figure out how to be in two places at once. 

“We could split up,” said Figgy. “Pixie and I could go to Joe and Jake’s and you two could go to the Malloy’s.”

Nim huffed. “And let you guys have all the fun setting up the pancake breakfast for Joe’s birthday? I don’t think so!”

Lil nodded in agreement. “They were our first assignment.”

Pixie scowled. “They were our first assignment too! And what’s more…I’M the Birthday Elf!”

“Listen here…”.

“Don’t you dare…”.

“If you say that again…”.

“Ho, Ho, HO!” The bickering elves did not hear Santa until he stood at the head of the table. He looked at each elf in turn. “There is a solution where all of you can go wish Joe a Happy Birthday.”

“There is?” they asked in unison.

“Yes. Drop by the Malloy’s and leave a note explaining your absence. Leave them a special craft or movie or treat. Then, you can all go to Joe and Jake’s for the traditional birthday breakfast.”

The elves were silent. 

“I guess that could work,” said Nim.

Lil rolled her eyes. “Now why didn’t we think of that!” 

* * *


“Ouch! Get OFF my feet Figgy!”

“Guys, be quiet!”

“Yeah, we’re going to wake them up and ruin the surprise!”

After a quick stop by the Malloy’s to drop off a note, a treat and The Christmas Story for the kids to watch, the Mischief Makers zipped to their old stomping grounds to set up the world’s best pancake breakfast. 

Lil pulled out a clipboard. “Ok gang! Pancake batter?”

“Check!” said Pixie.

“Maple syrup?”

“Check!” said Figgy.

“Chocolate syrup?”

“Check!” said Nim.

“Hot sauce and lemon pepper?”

“Er…are you sure about those, Figgy?” asked Nim. “They don’t really go with pancakes and sausage.”

Figgy squinted at Nim. “We all agreed to put Joe’s favorite things on the pancakes, didn’t we?”

“Yes, but—”.

“That means all his favorite things.”

“Oookay. I’m pretty sure we have everything then.” Pixie interrupted. 

“Alright! Places everyone!”

Each elf wrapped around the light fixture holding balloons and a birthday banner with big smiles on their faces. They’d made it in time to help Joe celebrate his 11th birthday.”

“I hope the Malloy’s aren’t too upset,” said Nim.

“Nah, we left them a movie and lots of snacks. I’m sure they’re fine. Right, Pixie?”

“Er, yeah.” But Pixie had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. Somehow, she didn’t think they were fine with them missing a night. 

Not at all.

Mischief Makers Day 18: Christmas Car Ride

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“Well,” asked Figgy. “Were there any complaints?”

“Nope, not a peep,” said Lil in a bright and overly cheerful tone. “Santa wanted to discuss…something else with us. No new complaints from Burt and Carol.” 

Nim and Lil had just left a private meeting in Santa’s Toy Shop. Figgy and Pixie had worried that their camping stunt from the night before had angered the Malloys, but all seemed well. Almost.

“Lil,” said Pixie. “Did something else happen with the Malloys?”

“No!” Lil and Nim said at once, then looked guiltily away.

Figgy and Pixie frowned.

“He-he,” laughed Nim nervously. “I think everyone’s just a little frayed around the edges. This season has been a doozy!”

“But we’ve gotten the Malloy kids straightened around. Back on the Nice List even,” said Pixie. 

“Oh yes, you both have done such a great job with the Malloys,” said Lil. “But there are other families who are…not so lucky.”

“Is that what the meeting was all about?” asked Figgy. “These other families?”

“Oh don’t you two worry about that meeting,” said Nim as he rushed them on their way. 

“You just get on back to the Malloys and finish out this season with pizzazz!” 

With that, Nim and Lil shut the door in their faces. A few moments later, the light in the Santa’s Toy Shop went out.  

“Well that was weird,” said Pixie.

* * *

Dear Pixie and Figgy,

Thank you for making us such an awesome indoor campsite! To show our appreciation, we built this little car for you. Stay under the speed limit! 

Have fun!


Gabe, Gertie, Molly, Heidi, Tom, Tim, Mary, Felix, Terry Jr., Willy, Julie and Alex

Figgy and Pixie looked in awe at the small vehicle big enough for two elves. “I guess they weren’t upset about the mess of pillows and blankets,” said Figgy.

But Pixie wasn’t so sure. “I don’t know, Figgy. Something seems a little fishy.”

“But Pixie…the car! It’s so sleek….so shiny!”

Figgy slowly approached the car and gently opened the driver’s side door. 

“Figgy, are you sure this is a good idea?”

“It’s fine, Pixie! You read the note, they are just rewarding us.”

Pixie shook her head. In their short time with the Malloy children, Pixie had learned to be cautious when things appeared too good to be true. 

“Come on,” Figgy coaxed. “You can drive.”

With a shrug and a sigh, Pixie hopped in and buckled up. Figgy got in the passenger side and struggled with his seat belt until Pixie huffed in exasperation and yanked the belt free, buckling him in. 

“Ok, ready!” he cried. 

Pixie was just looking for the gear shift when she noticed the thread. “What’s tha..?” 

But before she could finish her question, the car had taken off and they were careering through the living room, down the hallway, up the stairs, all around the house at breakneck speeds. 



THWOMP! The car hit a soft hill and came to an abrupt stop. 

Finally, the ride was over. 

“Plllll…what is this?”

“Sand,” said Pixie as she slowly got out of the car. 

“Sand?? How did sa–oh.” Figgy looked around at the scene. The Malloy children had created a small beach scene complete with sun, sand and shade. 

“Are those…Elftinis?” 

Mischief Makers Day 17: Cozy Campers

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“Congratulations team,” Santa boomed. “You have saved Christmas at the Malloy home.”

The four elves cheered and danced and high-fived one another. 

The letter worked. Santa had received a note from the Malloy parents, retracting their last letter and thanking him for sending his Mischief Makers to remind them of what Christmas is about.

“But!” Santa interrupted. “You both need to be on your very best behavior for the rest of the season. Mischief, not messes. Ok?”

Pixie nodded. Figgy saluted. 

“We’d better get going, Figgy. Tonight’s set-up is going to take awhile.”

Watching the pair fly off through the starry sky, Santa . “I hope ‘tonight’s set-up’ is a nice, simple, not-so-messy activity.”

“Oh I’m sure it’s fine, Santa.” Nim glanced at Lil with a worried frown. “Maybe we should head there too. Just in case.”

“Good idea,” said Santa. As they took off, Santa smiled and chuckled. “Because I do know what they have planned.” 

* * *

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,
Jack Frost snipping at your nose
Your tired carols, being sung by a —


Figgy stopped singing and turned to Pixie. “Yes, Pixie?”

“Did you just say ‘your tired carols’?”

Figgy nodded. “Yes, ‘your tired carols being sung by a choir’.”

Pixie giggled. “And…what was that about Jack Frost?”

“‘Jack Frost snipping at your nose?” 

Pixie giggled harder.

“What? That’s how it goes…isn’t it?”

“Hi guys!” Nim and Lil landed next to the small campfire and tent. 

“Wow!” said Lil. “Are you guys camping?”

“Yep! The Malloys are big campers so we thought it would be fun to try it out!” said Pixie.

“We are glad you guys could make it!” said Figgy. “We told Santa what we were doing and asked if he could send you along to join our cozy campout!”

“That sneaky Santa,” laughed Lil. “He tricked us!”

“Well, we told him we wanted it to be a surprise,” said Figgy. 

“We love camping!” said Nim. “There’s only one small problem.”

“What?” asked Pixie, looking around to see what they’d forgotten.

“There’s no tent for the Malloys!”

Figgy and Pixie looked uncertainly at Nim.

“We are trying to obey Santa and not create a huge mess.”

“Yeah,” added Pixie. “We were afraid if we built the Malloys a blanket tent, things might get out of control?”

“Out of control,” said Lil. “How?”

“Well,” began Figgy. “It might turn into a—.”

“PILLOW FIGHT!” yelled Nim, throwing a big, fluffy pillow directly at Figgy.

“Exactly,” said Pixie. 

It didn’t take much before all four elves were engaged in a massive pillow fight. Pillows covered the floor when they finally ceased. 

“At least there were no feathers,” said Figgy when he caught his breath. “That would have been a big mess.”

Nim looked around at the destruction. “Yeeaah, and this is just a little mess?”

Figgy shrugged sheepishly.

Mischief Makers Day 16: Perfect Picture

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“I’m afraid I have some bad news,” Santa began gravely.

Pixie, Figgy, Nim and Lil stood silently in Santa’s office. The last few nights had been a disaster. First…drums, followed by messes of confetti and glitter. Last night’s slime sledding must have been the star that bent the tree, because Burt and Carol Malloy were NOT happy.

Figgy and Pixie gulped in unison, unable to speak. 

“What is it, Santa? Not…a twelfth letter?” asked Lil.


“B-but we’ve been so good! We made cookies!”

“I agree with Figgy,” said Pixie. “Sure, the glitter bombs were messy, but we did our best to contain it to the hallway.”

“It’s not really about you two, per se. It seems the Malloy parents have discovered that it has been their children, and not you two, making such a mess.” 

Santa handed them the letter.

Dear Santa,

First, we would like to apologize. It seems that catastrophes of late were not, in fact, the work of your “Mischief Makers”, but of our children. They confessed all last night after we threatened to have the two elves banned from the house. Permanently. 

As such, we feel that a suitable punishment would be for Figgy and Pixie not to return for the rest of the season. It is nothing against them. Not really at least. But, it may be the only way to get through to the children and make them stop their disastrous shenanigans. We cannot, nor will we, tolerate any more mischief.

Figgy and Pixie may, of course, say their goodbyes by one last night of fun, but we would appreciate them not returning after that. At least until next year, maybe longer.

With sincere thanks,

Carol and Burt Malloy

Pixie and Figgy were speechless. While it was true that it had been the Malloy children who had made the majority of this season’s messes, the past few nights had been all Pixie and Figgy’s doing.

“Wait just a minute, Santa,” said Nim. “Can they do that? Is it really up to them?”

“I’m afraid so. If we ignore their request, they have every right to file a formal complaint with the Bureau of Malicious Mischief.”

“And even if they don’t file a formal complaint,” said Lil. “It is the 12th letter. You remember what The Book said.”

“But,” said Pixie. “Does that mean our fun is…over?”

No one said a word.

* * *

Glumly, Pixie and Figgy slumped on the couch. Nim and Lil had come along for moral support while Glitter stayed behind, too distraught to face the last night. 

“I guess we should…do something,” sighed Pixie. 

“Yeah,” Figgy agreed morosely. 

“Ok you two,” said Lil. “Enough moping. If this is your last night, you need to go out with a bang.”

“And not a messy bang,” added Nim. “A ‘look-how-helpful-we-are’ bang. If you are going to convince the parents you should stay for the rest of the season, it’s going to have to be good.”

“How can we do that?” asked Figgy. “You heard the letter.”

“Pish-posh,” said Lil. “Just because it looks hopeless, doesn’t mean it is hopeless. Remember the footnote?”

Pixie and Figgy tried hard, but they couldn’t hold back the giggles. 

“Pish?” said Pixie.

“Posh?” said Figgy. 

Lil smiled. “Now let’s get started.”

Over the next five hours, the four elves cleaned with all their might. They scrubbed and scoured. Dusted and dried. Wiped and washed. Every surface sparkled…and not with glitter.

“Hey guys, look what I found.” Lil flew over to the table with a photo in her hands.

It was an old picture of the whole Malloy family. Alex was just a teeny, tiny baby. Everyone was smiling, a Christmas tree in the background.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Nim?”

“That we should scrub the toilet one last time?”

“No, but that’s a good idea. I’m thinking it’s time to write the poem.”

Pixie shot up. “Yes! Oh Lil, that is a wonderful idea!”

The group sat and wrote a poem together. Once done, they placed it under the tree with a beautiful ornament. 

“There,” said Figgy. “That should do it.”

Long ago on Christmas Eve, 
You gathered ‘round this tree.
Your smiles were big, your eyes were bright,
Your hearts were filled with glee.

But since that day, you’ve lost a bit
Of spark and family cheer
Perhaps by this reminder
You’ll discover it this year.

Each of you must take a piece
Of loving, sound advice
Relax and smile, enjoy this time
You cannot live it twice.

Mischief Makers Day 15: Slippery Slopes

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Figgy, Pixie, Nim and Lil sat around the tree. Nim and Figgy quietly seething and Lil and Pixie suppressing laughter.

Pixie was the first to break the silence. “Ok you guys. This is getting ridiculous.”

Nim and Figgy glared at her.

“Seriously?? You two are still mad?” asked Lil.

“First of all,” said Figgy. “We didn’t throw the first snowball.”

“And second,” added Nim. “We were outnumbered!”

Pixie and Lil glanced at each other blankly. Outnumbered?

“How do your figure that?” asked Lil, hiding a small smile.

“Yeah, it was only Lil and I…that’s two, against you and Figgy…that’s also two.”

“Well, you had a secret weapon, didn’t you? Someone waiting in the trees to gallop to your rescue!”

Lil and Pixie tried to keep a straight face. They had hoped the boys would not notice Glitter who waited in the woods outside Santa’s workshop for a signal to join in the snowball fight. The snowball fight that they started.

Lil laughed first. Pixie followed with a giggle. Soon, Figgy and Nim forgot their anger and joined in the merriment. They couldn’t stay angry with their partners for too long. All it took were chuckles and chortles to bring them around. 

When they had all caught their breath and settled down, Nim asked, “So…what’s on the agenda for tonight?”

“We-ell,” said Pixie. “Since Figgy and I didn’t really have anything planned for much beyond the middle of the month, Lil and I took the liberty of coming up with a fun…activity.”

“I don’t like the way you said ‘activity’, Pixie,” said Figgy. “It sounds like trouble.”

“Oh don’t be a spoilsport Figgy,” said Lil. “It’s just a little harmless fun. We thought we could set up a sledding hill in the living room.”

Nim looked around the room. “Maybe you haven’t noticed, Lil…there’s no snow in here.”

“True, but we can build hills with toilet paper rolls and use this to make them slippery.”

With a flourish, Pixie revealed a ‘make-your-own-slime’ kit.

Nim’s eyes bulged. “You have got to be kidding!  If we do this—”.

“We’ll have the best sledding hill EVER!” Figgy shouted.

While Nim looked on in disbelief and doubt, the other three elves poured and mixed and stirred until they had several colors of slime. 

“Come on Nim! Join in and help us construct the big hill,” coaxed Figgy. 

With some poking and prodding, the elves managed to convince Nim to help with the hill. Once they were all done, Pixie poured some of the slime down, coating the slope with slippery goo. 

Lil cupped her hands and called up to Pixie. “No more slime, Pixie!” 

“More? Ok!” Pixie poured another bowl down the hill.

“No! No more slime!” Nim yelled.

“OK! Here’s another bowl!” 


But Pixie had already started to pour. As the goopy goo streamed down, the cardboard slide buckled and slime went everywhere, coating the floor. Nim, Lil and Figgy raced to clean it up, but ended up slipping and sliding and sloshing in the sticky pool. 

“Too much?” asked Pixie.