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Mischief Makers Day 22: Manic Minutes

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Figgy and Pixie waited patiently for Nim and Lil. They were supposed to have met them at Candy Cane Cafe so they could all fly to the house together. Glitter had showed up and told them that Nim and Lil would just meet them at the Malloy’s. 

“Where are they?” asked Pixie for the hundredth time. 

“Santa must have needed them for longer than I thought,” said Glitter with a frown. 

“We really need to start setting up the games,” said Figgy. “I don’t think we can wait any longer.”

“Too bad, they were so excited to help tonight,” said Pixie. 

Glitter gazed at the sky, hoping to see the pair zooming toward the house. “Well, let’s get moving.”

“How many solo cups do we need?” asked Figgy as he pulled sleeve after sleeve after sleeve out of the giant bag of supplies. 

“Twenty-one per kid,” said Pixie. 

“Ok, that’s 21 times 12…carry the one, add the 2…the square root of 56 is…”.

“Geez Figgy, it’s 252,” said Pixie with a shake of her head. 

“Right. I knew that.”

“What about the ping pong balls?” asked Glitter.

“10 per kid,” said Pixie. 

“120 ping pong balls comi–.” 


“Oh no!”

Ping pong balls spilled out over the floor rolling here, there and everywhere. 

Pixie and Figgy couldn’t help laughing as they watched Glitter canter around trying to gather them all back together.

“You could help me, you know!”

“Oh but it is so much more fun to watch,” said Pixie. At the glare from Glitter, Pixie relented and flew over to help collect them. 

“I’ll get the dice ready while Glitter plays ping-pong,” said Figgy. “How many do we need again?”

“Six per—72 Figgy. We need 72.”

“And 12 pairs of chopsticks!” Glitter shouted from the basement.

All three minute-to-win-it games were set up and still Nim and Lil were not at the house. 

“What did you say Santa needed to talk to them about, Glitter?” asked Figgy. 

When Glitter didn’t answer, Pixie prodded. “Glitter, tell us what you know.”

Glitter, who always seemed to be on top of all the North Pole news, didn’t answer at first. 

“Glitter?” Figgy folded his arms.

Turning to face Figgy and Pixie she admitted. “This time…I honestly have no idea. 

Mischief Makers Day 3: Snowmen at Night

“Glitter, stop fretting,” said Lil as she flew through the twinkling stars.

“I can’t. I just know he’s done something.”

“He wouldn’t.” But Lil sped up a bit…just in case.

“Nim?” Glitter tip toed around the kitchen table, searching. “Didn’t we leave him right here?”

“What’s that?” Lil pointed to a pile of white fuzz on the floor.

Glitter cantered closer.

Shave-y the snowmen
Was a jolly happy guy
He had lots of pals
And some friendly gals
Made him homemade apple pie!

It’s coming from the bathroom,” Lil whispered.

“Just follow the trail,” Glitter groaned.


Lil looked down and saw a stream of shaving cream leading from the kitchen to the bathroom. She sped into the bathroom with Glitter galloping after her.

“Oh Nim!” Lil cried.

Nim sat on top of the mirror. Shaving cream snowmen surrounded him in various shapes and sizes.

Glitter stomped and snorted. Lil gasped and giggled.

“Isn’t it great?!” Nim asked.


Glitter took a deep breath, ready to launch into a tirade.

“It’s amazing, Nim!” Lil squealed.

Glitter’s eyes popped. “Amazing???!! Are you crazy, Lil? It’s a disaster!”

But Lil wasn’t listening. She’d joined Nim on the ceiling and, before Glitter could make another protest, she got a shaving cream ball in the face.

Glitter spluttered. She shook. She stomped her hooves in the shimmery snow. As she looked up at the two elves, there was an unsettling gleam in her eyes.

“Game on,” she whispered.