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Medicinal Herb Spiral

For several years, I’ve wanted to build an herb spiral. I’ve wanted to create a beautiful addition to our garden and provide fresh herbs for cooking and curing.

Now that our climbing tree has been destroyed by a wicked ice storm, I have the perfect spot to put it.


An herb spiral is a method of vertical gardening and has several benefits over gardening in a bed.

  • Saves space
  • Provides microclimates
  • Makes pest control easier
  • Makes harvesting easier
  • Allows a higher crop yield in a limited space
  • Makes companion planting easier
  • Creates a beautiful ‘show garden’

I want my spiral to be both culinary and medicinal.

I’ll plant chamomile and use it to make a medicinal tea to soothe an upset stomach or help with sleep.

I’ll use rosemary to make a tasty pasta sauce or cure a headache.

I’ll make a delicious salsa with cilantro and lower my blood sugar.

Below are a few more herbs I’d like to plant in my spiral.

  • Basil (Culinary)
  • Chamomile (Medicinal and Tea)
  • Echinacea (Medicinal and Tea)
  • Cilantro (Culinary)
  • Lavendar (Medicinal and Tea)
  • Parsley (Medicinal and Culinary)
  • Rosemary (Medicinal and Culinary)
  • Sage (Medicinal and Culinary)
  • Thyme (Medicinal and Culinary)
  • Marigold (Medicinal)
  • Mints: Peppermint, lemon balm, bee balm

Mints are the super herb. They help with everything from headaches and digestion to skin care and weight loss.

However…they have a tendency to take over.

We already have chocolate mint creeping throughout the vineyard and lemon balm taking over the kitchen garden, so these will go in pots on the deck or in the swale.

Herbs are not the only plant that do well in a vertical garden.

Tomatoes, peas, beans…any climbing plant work well on a trellis and almost any vegetable, including squash, will thrive in containers.

Maybe I’ll try trellising my squash this year.

Maybe it will make battling the squash bugs easier.

Maybe we won’t get squash bugs at all.

Herbs in the garden
Fragrant, beautiful, tasty
A spiral of health