Saving Tomato Seeds: An Alternate Method

Awhile back I wrote a post about saving tomato seeds. I tried the method but when I dried the seeds on a paper towel they got stuck and I couldn’t pull them off without pulling the paper towel too.

I’m hoping that this alternate method does work and will report back on my progress.

Materials Needed: Clear container, kitchen strainer and a coffee filter or a paper plate.

1. Cut larger tomatoes in half lengthwise. Cherry or grape tomatoes are too small for that so cut an X in the bottom or top.

2. Squeeze seeds and pulp into the clear container. I used mason jars.

3. Place the container in a spot where they won’t get jostled (or messed with by curious toddlers). There will be mold and it might get stinky, so put them in a spot where you won’t mind the stench. The mold is part of the fermentation process that needs to happen in order for the seeds to be viable, so don’t freak out.
4. Once the seed coats float to the top, the seeds are ready for the next step.

5. Add water and stir. The mature seeds will sink to the bottom and immature seeds will float to the top; you’ll only want to save the mature seeds.

6. Pour out the immature seeds and pulp being careful not to lose the seeds at the bottom.

7. Put the mature seeds in a strainer and wash thoroughly.

8. Spread them out on a coffee filter or paper plate. Remember, spreading them on a paper towel results in a complete fail.

9. Then, put the seeds somewhere to dry out of direct sunlight for 4-6 weeks. When they are completely dry, they will crack easily. Either bite into them or bend them.

10. Store them in an airtight container, labeling unless you want to be surprised when they come up the next year.

I’m at step 3 and I’m waiting for the mold.

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