Last night, Joe and I started the celery experiment. We put food coloring in three different glasses: red, yellow and blue. Then, we put a stalk of celery in each glass.


Here is what is supposed to happen.

The celery is supposed to draw the water up through its system. Over time, the colored water travels from the roots through the stalk; this is called osmosis, a process all plants go through. Celery is the perfect plant to demonstrate this process as it is hollow.

I wanted to see if the color was more vibrant if we cut into it.

wpid-IMG_20131121_212832_566.jpg wpid-IMG_20131121_212810_193.jpg

It’s hard to see in the picture, but you can see a little bit more color. The blue and red were the easiest to see and the yellow was barely visible. Joe and I cut a bit off of each stalk.

I’ll probably leave these on the counter for a few more days just to see what happens.

I know I got way more out of this experiment than Joe did. He was more interested in using the scissors and squeezing the food coloring into the glasses. I keep doing these experiments even though they are a bit over Joe’s head. Partly, it is because I find them interesting, but mostly I just want to expose him to all kinds of knowledge to see what he’s interested in.

One response to “Celery

  1. I‘ve seen this experiment before and it is a cool one.

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