We have big perennial plans this year.

Thinking about all of the plants that will be coming to the house the first week in April was making me hyperventilate a little…so I thought it might help calm me down if I drew each area out to determine just how many holes we’d need to dig.

I mean, I calmed down quite a bit about the kitchen garden once I drew the plans up, so I just knew that I’d chill out once I had drawings for the fedge, vineyard and back garden drawn up.



We’ll need 26 holes for the vineyard to plant the 5 new grape vines, 12 creeping phlox for ground cover, 2 female kiwi replacements, 4 burning bush and 3 snow in summer for ground cover…plus 29 small holes for strawberry plants.


For the back garden, we’ll be planting 35+ varieties of vegetables as well as sunflowers, amaranth, cover crop and beneficial attracting flowers and herbs and our tuber mound will be packed with yacon, jerusalem artichoke, mashua, sweet potatoes and red potatoes.


We’ll need about 26 holes in the fedge to fill in with more blueberry bushes and autumn olive as well as blackberry and sea berry bushes.

And that is not even counting the 12 oak, 5 chestnut, 2 almond, 2 walnut, 3 sugar sweet cherry, 4 dwarf cherry, 3 cherry root, 4 nanking cherry, 3 apple root and 1 dwarf pear tree we are going to be planting in the swale and the little “orchard pockets” we are planning (post coming next month).

So no, this exercise did not calm me down, but it did get me excited at the possibilities all of these new varieties have to offer our property, our lives and even more importantly, the lives of our children.


And, once the snow finally stops and the ground starts to thaw we can get started digging our holes so that when the plants come, we’re as ready as we can be.

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