Mischief Makers: Wrapping Around the Christmas Tree

“And that’s it!” said Nim as he put a bow on the last present.

Glitter looked at all the presents under the tree. She and Nim had wrapped every present. They’d moved the “snow” that Nim had created to the front of the fireplace and they’d hung all the tiny little snowflakes that once covered the floor all over the walls.


“Well, that didn’t take very long,” said Glitter. “Now we can just relax.”

When Nim didn’t answer, Glitter turned to look for him but he was nowhere in sight.

“Nim? Where did you go?”

“Aieeeeeeeeeeee!!!” Nim streamed into the living room with a bag of bows and strings of ribbon.

Far from being tired after all of the wrapping they’d done…and they’d done a lot…all of Nim’s energy had been stored up. He was ready to play.

He zoomed by Glitter, pelting her with bows.

He swirled around the room, throwing ribbon everywhere.

He bounced off couches and chairs, a roll of wrapping paper unraveling behind him.

He was out of control.


Glitter galloped after him and hurtled over the couch, tackling him to the floor.

Nim couldn’t stop laughing.

He snorted.

Tears streamed down his face.

He was losing it.

“NIM!!!” barked Glitter. “Calm yourself this instant!”

The stern, no-nonsense voice quietened Nim immediately. He looked at Glitter contritely.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I just sat still for so long concentrating on wrapping and listening to Christmas carols. The longer I sat, the more I got in the spirit.”

When she was certain he had calmed down, Glitter slowly backed away from Nim.

“I think it may have been that last song that really got you in the spirit,” said Glitter.

“Oh yes! Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree is one of my favorites!” said Nim.

Glitter looked mournfully at the living room. Christmas paper was strewn everywhere. Ribbons covered tables, chairs…her.


“We were supposed to be helping tonight!”

“We did!” said Nim. “Besides, we can get this picked up in a jiffy.”

“Beep-beep! Beep-beep! Beep-beep!” chimed an alarm clock.

“No,” said Glitter. “We can’t.”

“Oh well, at least all the presents are wrapped. Now all they will need to do is put the gift tags on them.”

“Wait,” said Glitter. “You didn’t write who the presents were to?”

“Well I certainly didn’t know who each present was for,” said Nim.

“Oh Nim!!!”

Kindness Task
Give free hugs.

Nim’s Joke
What do snowmen eat for breakfast?
Ice Krispies!



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