Mischief Makers: Epilogue

Want to listen instead? Here you go!



Breaking News! Mischief Makers’ New Partnership
By Sparkly Sprinkles

This just in! 

In an unprecedented move, Santa approved Pixie Powder and Figgy Frost to recruit their own assigned child as a new Mischief Maker! Joe, now 9 years old, discovered The Truth about Figgy and Pixie on their last night, putting the entire program at risk. 

Luckily, the team salvaged the blunder and came up with a plan to keep Christmas Mischief alive in Joe’s house. 

Joe, still reeling from the shock of finding out the elves really do exist, agreed to help them plan and carry out next season’s fun. 

When asked why he made an exception to the Mischief Maker Code, Santa hemmed, hawed, coughed and then began a round of Jingle Bells, Batman Smells. Soon, the whole crowd of elves joined in and this reporter was unable to uncover more.

Powder and Frost decided that just because Joe knows about their magic, doesn’t mean their fun has to stop. After all, he doesn’t have to know everything


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