It’s Ok…Challenges are a Good Thing

When I read this post from my current favorite blog,, I cried. Not a wailing sob fest…just a quiet moment of relief and joy at discovering, once again, that I’m not alone.

It’s easy to forget that little truth with the busyness of the day and the challenges of trying to raise “perfect” little boys into good men. I need constant reminders to get through it when it seems that we are doing it all wrong, and nothing is working the way it “should”.

Sometimes, I know I am setting myself up for failure when planning activities for the week. And, when failure occurs, I get discouraged and want to try harder, even if it makes me cry…and sometimes I just want to quit. I’ve read that “if it makes you cry, don’t do it” and although I agree with sentiment, I would change it to “if it makes you cry, share your failure experience.

I think it’s really important to share your failed activities and plans as well as your successes. All of the really good blogs I follow do this and make me feel like I’m less alone, and inspire me to keep on trucking.

I have done so many ‘speriments’ and activities inspired by other bloggers and I’ve failed where they have succeeded and succeeded by learning from their failures.

I guess what I’m getting at is…don’t give up. If it makes you cry, stop and do something else, but go back to the one that brought the tears and learn from it…try it again another day. Because…challenges are a good thing and it’s not supposed to be easy.

2 responses to “It’s Ok…Challenges are a Good Thing

  1. If everything went perfectly all the time, then you wouldn’t feel the pleasure of triumph as much as you do when you try and fail and then try again and succeed. You are doing a great job with your planning and activities. Not only are the boys learning, but you are teaching everyone who reads your blog a little something too.

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