Winter Activities Week 8

We started to go a bit stir crazy this past week. None of our activities really allowed for the energy release that toddlers crave. Sure we moved about with the shape searching and number hunting, but it didn’t seem to be quite enough. That is why we will be doing more “active” activities this week.

Math Activity
Joe and Jake both really enjoyed the shape searching game…we found rectangles everywhere. We pointed out numbers but didn’t really make it into a hunting game so I’ll try that again.

Also…we are going to do something with the foam stars I bought awhile ago. I’m sure there was a reason for them, but I have since forgotten. I’m going to write numbers on some of them in permanent marker and ask Joe to tell me what the number is. He’s pretty good at recognizing numbers now, so I’ll have him count out the correct number of stars from the non-numbered ones.


Language Activity
Sight word puzzles are so much fun! Jake even played with them while Joe was napping. The boys also played with their Tag Jr. Alphabet deck of cards.

This week, since I did get an entire alphabet of cookie cutters for Christmas, we are going to paint with them!

Science Activity
Well, we did not get to the seed starting. We did get the space cleared though and the light will be installed this weekend so we will be able to tackle this one head on early in the week.

Also…I found a really fun exploding car wash activity to do with the boys. It involves baking soda and vinegar and toy cars. I know, it seems like we do a lot with baking soda and vinegar and food coloring, but each experiment is slightly different and the instant “wow” factor is really fun to watch.

Bible Study/Craft
The bible craft and lesson we did from One Artsy Mama was even more fun than I imagined it would be. Both boys really got into decorating their lions.


For our next bible activity, we will be learning the Ten Commandments. We have been watching Kingdom Chums, a fun cartoon that helps kids to learn the morals and values of the Ten Commandments. Ray remembered watching it when he was young and found that you could get the dvd free, paying only shipping.

So, the plan is to watch Kingdom Chums, talk about each commandment and build a train with each car being one of the commandments. I figure we can do two commandments a day.

We have a messy and fun-filled week ahead of us!

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