Spring Activities Week 5

Wow have we been busy playing outside in this gorgeous weather and getting ready for planting. We got a little bit further on all the activities we planned over the past two weeks, but spending time with the boys outside finding bugs, digging swales and spreading mulch has taken up most of our time.

Joe and Jake look for bugs and worms for the chickens, and help us rake and dig.

It’s Holy Week so most of our activities for the week are going to be Easter themed.

Math Activity
We played Five Fabulous Frogs a few times. Joe is starting to understand the concept of it a little bit more and Jake still laughs and claps when he jumps the frogs.

This week we are going to do Easter themed cards and counters. This will be fun because it involves the use of tongs and Joe absolutely loves using tongs. He often wants to sleep with them.

Language Activity
We fished for letters but did not get to the phonics baskets. So I will focus on “b’s”, “e’s” and “j’s” and we’ll throw in a few Easter words like bunny, egg and Jesus.

Science Activity
The water bottle fountain was and absolute blast. Both boys loved it!


This week we are going to color Easter eggs. We’ll talk about how vinegar is acidic and when added to water, which is neither basic nor acidic, it slightly dissolves the surface of the eggshell which is made up mostly of calcium. This allows the dye to slightly seep into the egg shell. Will he get it? Most likely no, but I’m still going to explain it.

Bible Study/Craft
So, we still have not done the Noah’s ark craft. It’s been three weeks since I planned it and we will eventually do it, but this week is Easter themed so we are going to make “stained glass” crosses. Most of the tutorials I found call for contact paper but I am going to use Press ‘n Seal plastic wrap.


And there you go! I’m sure we will not get to everything this week. We have trees and shrubs coming and we will need to plant them. We will also be busy spreading clover on our swales, but we will get to a few and they will be fun.

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