Random Ramblings

Today, after mopping the kitchen floor, I decided to go for a walk around the garden.

I stopped and played with the kitties first. They are so needy. As soon as I come out the door they are meowing and rubbing up against my legs. I haven’t seen them catch anything lately…but then again, I haven’t seen any rodents around either.

wpid-img_20140909_154401_239.jpg wpid-img_20140909_154353_293.jpg

The chickens were up next. I’m still a little mad at them for pecking at my toe when I stepped into their playpen. Sure, my toes are painted pink and might look like a jelly bean, but still, don’t bite the hand that feeds you girls. 

 wpid-img_20140909_154847_806.jpg wpid-img_20140909_154635_345.jpg

I took a stroll by my fall garden and was pleased to see that the peas had shot up. Must be all the rain we’ve had over the past few days.


I thought we’d lost all of the watermelon to the unknown pest that chews through the rind, but I found a lone melon hidden among the weeds. I set it up on the soaker hose to try and keep it from the dastardly pest.


The popcorn keeps getting bigger. I think something is starting to eat it. I’m keeping a close eye on the stalks so I can catch the culprit.


And finally…finally! The Jerusalem artichokes look like they are beginning to bud.


Walking the garden
A chicken pecked my big toe
I guess that’s revenge

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