Plip Plop Plant

It’s been raining for days.

Intermittently pouring, sprinkling and storming with brief sunlight sightings.

But, ‘we’ve got gardenin’ to do’ so with rain gear, boots and spades, the boys and I ventured out to the swales to plant in the rain.


We started with raspberries. While back home, we dug a few up from Grandma’s garden and brought them back to plant in the swale.


Then came the rhubarb. This rhubarb is special. The original strain came from a rhubarb patch at Great Grandpa’s house in 1973. Now we’ve brought some of it to our home 42 years later.

Pretty neat.


In the fedge, I planted a pretty green and mossy ground cover.

This is amazing stuff, you can walk all over it and it springs back up and chokes out weeds. When in bloom, it has pretty yellow flowers and in the fall it turns red and gold.

I planted three orange lilies I got for Mother’s Day right along the driveway in between the lilacs and burning bush.

And then it poured.

When I see puddles
I cringe, seeing only dirt
A mess to clean up

When boys see puddles
They see only joy and fun
Splishing and splashing

Oh to see the world
With whimsy, glee and delight
Through a child’s bright eyes



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