MM2022 Day 15: Jingle and the Jones

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“What else did he say?” Pixie asked Nim after he’d finished telling them about the ‘talking to’ Santa gave him for the previous night’s shenanigans.

“Well, he’s not happy, but I did think I saw a little twinkle in his eye and I know his lips twitched.”

“So…we’re not in trouble?”

“Oh, he’ll have to reprimand us somewhat, if only to save face in front of Elven Resources. But, I think he is secretly glad we ‘fixed’ Merry as he put it.”

“Plus,” said Lil as she landed beside Nim. We think he may have engineered it that we ‘help’ Merry.”

Figgy and Pixie giggled.

“Where are you two off to tonight?” asked Nim.

“We are going to the Jones’ house to help Jingle with five competitive and rambunctious kids,” said Figgy.

“Yes,” added Pixie. “She is apparently having difficulty keeping them from destroying their house. It sounds like they are rather…energetic.”

“Well, good luck!” said Lil.

“And, have fun!” said Nim.

Pixie and Figgy jumped into the air and headed off to meet Jingle at the Jones’ house.

* * * *

They gazed around the kitchen in shock. Games and toys were strewn everywhere, confetti and glitter on the counters and a half-finished game of monopoly had exploded all over the table.

“Where do you think Jingle is?” asked Figgy. “I thought she was going to meet us here.”


“Did you hear that?” asked Pixie.


“Where is it coming from asked Figgy?”


Concerned at the frantic tone of that last cry for help, Pixie and Figgy raced around the room looking for the source of the terrified scream.

“Found her! She’s over here!” called Figgy.

When Pixie caught up with Figgy, she gasped at the state of the poor elf. Until, that is, she saw that Jingle was laughing. Hysterically, and perfectly at ease in the Tupperware container of cheesy snowballs.

“Oh thank goodness you guys are here! I need your help!” She threw a snowball at them.

“You seem…ok to me,” said Pixie.

“Me? Oh, yes I’m fine. But these kids are SOOOO energetic, that I have already gone through all the activities I had planned for the season! I could really use a little help coming up with more.”

Figgy and Pixie smiled. Nim and Lil had come to their rescue many times when they’d first started and didn’t really know what to do, or had run out of good ideas. Now, it was their turn to help.

“Ok, Jingle,” said Pixie. “What have you done so far?”

“Let’s see. I set up an obstacle course. Sledding down the stairs. Snowball fight. Floor is lava. That sort of thing.”

“Sounds like the Jingles like more active activities. Have you tried Minute-to-Win-It games?” asked Figgy.

“Minute-to-Win-It games?” asked Jingle. “What are those?”

“What are they?” asked Pixie.

“Only the most fun games on the planet!” said Figgy.

“Here, we’ll show you.”

Pixie helped Jingle out of the snowballs and led her to the living room where they spent several hours brainstorming games for Jingle to play with the Jones. A game or two for every night until Christmas.

“Thanks you two!” said Jingle. “You two should write a book with ideas like this for other Mischief Makers who get stuck in the same old, same old ideas.”

Jingle waved as Figgy and Pixie flew back to the North Pole thinking about Jingle’s idea and wondering…

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