A Little of This, A Little of–ASPARAGUS!

It’s been a busy few days at the homestead!

I planted the celery in the kitchen garden yesterday. I think it is growing even faster than last year’s experiment. 

I’ve made some pleasant discoveries…this is Jerusalem artichoke! The voles did not destroy all of it!

I’m almost positive that this is mashua but it is still too small to compare with the pictures I found
online. There is still no sign of the rhubarb, but I’m not giving up yet!image

We are going to try a trellis approach with the hops this year since the they did not do well with last year’s twine set-up. We are going to use chicken wire on the North side of the vineyard so that they will not shade out the grapes and kiwi (assuming the rest of the grapes and the guy kiwi get it together and start greening up).

Obviously I know where I have planted already, but the boys and Charlie still walk around like there aren’t possible plant babies trying to break through the soil only to be crushed by careless kid or canine feet.

So…in order to better train the boys and the dog on where and where NOT to go, I’ve installed a few borders. Below is the asparagus patch where (as you may have deduced from the title of this post) we have asparagus shooting up! 

And I’m also repurposing some of that busted up concrete in a border for the kitchen garden!

We painted the chateau today and cleaned out the coop. I think the whole process stressed out the girls. There were a lot of loud clucks and ruffled feathers, but they were pretty happy when they were able to get back in their house. 

Ray also started to piece together and test the automatic watering system using a rain barrel, some pvc pipe, plastic tubing and poultry nipples. It didn’t take them long to get the hang of it. 

More planting to do
More garden borders to make
More work, but all play

(Snuck that one in on on ya)

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