Adventures in Homesteading: Rodent Rage (Part 2)

Pudgy was angry. He had never in his life encountered such a rude rodent. The way their conversation ended had him fuming.

As he scurried quickly back to the garage with Pipsqueak and Gomer, a plan was beginning to formulate in his mind…



To say that Lissa had not been happy with the news the three tails brought back would be an understatement. She was so furious that she stormed back into the house without saying a word leaving the mice wondering if they would even get leftovers for dinner that night.

“Ok,” said Pudgy. “What do we know about voles?”

“They have short tails,” Gomer offered.

“They live underground in tunnels and apparently, they eat potatoes and newly planted vegetables,” said Pipsqueak.

“Right,” said Pudgy, “but did you hear what the vermin said? They’ve lost some of their men to a hawk. More specifically, to Keira.”

Pipsqueak smiled while Gomer chased his tail.

“Of course!” exclaimed Pipsqueak. “Why didn’t I think of her. She’s a friend and would be more than willing to help us out. Especially if we offer to be lookouts for her…let her know when they are above ground.”

“Exactly,” said Pudgy with an evil look in his beady little eyes.


Lissa was angrily chopping vegetables for dinner when she heard the soft scratching at the door. She set the knife down and stepped into the garage to see what they had come up with.

“Keira,” said Pudgy.

“Keira?” Lissa repeated.

“Yes, the hawk who is now  taking care of the chipmunk problem and also any birds that bother your berries.”

Lissa’s eyes lit up and a slow smile spread across her face. She had forgotten about the hawk.


After settling things with Keira, the three mice hid behind the coffee can and watched for the voles. They had originally planned to give them a final warning, but when they thought of the haughtiness of the rodent they met, they decided that the initial warning was enough.

“What’s the signal again?” asked Pipsqueak.

“When we see at least three of them scurry out, we squeak and Keira will come out from, behind the chicken coop,” Pudgy explained.

After a few minutes, the vermin they had talked to before came out followed by three more of its ilk.

“Now!” whispered Pudgy.

The mice squeaked and Keira swooped out from coop and picked three up in her talons…presumably leaving one behind to tell the others that the jig was up.

Trying to ignore the queasiness they felt from having betrayed yet another member of the rodent family, Pudgy, Pipsqueak and Gomer watched as the remaining voles raced out of the tuber mound and fled into the tall grass.

Then they cheerfully trotted back to the garage to tell Lissa the good news and to eat the chocolate cupcake she had promised them if the plan was a success.



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