Laying Boxes

Laying boxes are now installed. Such a simple, yet important addition to the coop.


There are three laying boxes on each side of the coop. According to several backyard chicken blogs, the rule of thumb is 1 laying box per 2-3 hens. Ray said the girls clucked at him when they went in to inspect.

wpid-img_20140702_094038_884.jpg wpid-img_20140702_094054_217.jpg

The boxes are in
Now we must wait patiently
For the hens to lay


2 responses to “Laying Boxes

  1. Kristy Hebert

    Our girls are funny-seems like they all want the same nesting box to lay in! We have 5 boxes & always have about 8 eggs in one, 4 in the other & none in the rest! Only time it’s bad is when they fight & sometimes an egg gets broken! Guess that’s what it’s like having 11 sisters! 😉

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