Mischief Makers: Spray Snow Stunt

Nim and Lil had been itching to do something with the spray can of fake snow that had been on the counter since their first day. But…they were afraid that the mess would be too much and they didn’t want any more complaints to Santa.

“We really shouldn’t,” said Nim.

“I know,” said Lil, twirling around the can. “It’s just so tempting. And, why would they leave it out every night if they didn’t want us to do something with it?”

“Hmmm…,” said Nim, scratching is elfin chin. “You do have a good point.”

Lil gave a sly grin and zipped to the can, sprinkled it with fairy dust so she could lift it and got to work.

Lil zoomed around in circles, making a snowman on the big picture window and then hung a gingerbread house window cling kit for the girls and toy shop for the boys.


Nim drew all over the sliding glass door and reminded the kids that they had to behave for their mom and dad.

“Maybe the parents will let the mess slide if we remind the kids to be good,” he said as he finished spraying all the windows with a flourish.


They pulled the curtains shut and left a note on a teeny tiny chalkboard. “Look behind the curtains.”


Lil flew up and hid at the top of the window sash and Nim flew over and cloaked himself in the side.



Then they waited.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have made such a huge mess,” Nim whispered nervously, glancing around at all the windows and the snow that drifted over all of the furniture, floor, tree, carpet and curtains.

“Maybe,” said Lil in a hushed tone. “But, we didn’t make a mess last night and did you see the look on the mom’s faces when they read Santa’s poem to the kids? I think they really liked what we did.”

“Maybe,” he said. “But I’m telling Santa it was your idea if he gets a complaint!”

And with a wink and a smile, the elves watched and waited.

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