Seed Starting 2015

After sketching out this year’s gardens, I’m now fully obsessed with putting these plans in motion and I’ve dog-eared just about every page in every seed catalog I have.

I seriously have to restrain myself from placing an order before I can fully research the best price.

And, I know that I’ll need to have a chaperon with me when I go to Kelly Seed so that I don’t end up spending a small fortune on seeds.


I can’t stop looking at my sketch of the kitchen garden.


I imagine the borage and marigolds working together to keep pests away and I picture the boys running through the footpaths that I plan to put in this year.

It’s possible I’m even more excited to put the plans for the back gardens into motion.


With the yellow and gold marigolds, the tall sunflowers swaying in the breeze and a sprinkling of nasturtium and borage throughout…it’s going to be beautiful.

In order to keep this manic enthusiasm from waning in these last dreary winter months, I’ve put a rolling schedule together for starting seeds in Zone 5.

This is the same format as last year’s schedule with a minor change. Last year’s had specific dates for when to start seeds: “Tomatoes: start 2/25.”

This resulted in stress and crabbiness and was a threat to my sanity, so this year I’m keeping it more general.

I’m positive this list will grow–I wasn’t joking when I said I’d need a chaperone in the seed stores and gardening sections of Big R and Wal-Mart.

I’m equally sure I’ll learn more lessons, make more mistakes and have a whole lot of fun with this year’s garden.

Growing a garden
The mistakes can be daunting
The success, joyous

Seed (see planting guide) Start Indoor Direct Sow
Ancho Poblano 2nd week Feb
Bell Pepper 2nd week Feb
Cabbage 2nd week Feb
Jalapeno 2nd week Feb
Serrano 2nd week Feb
Pepperoncini 2nd week Feb
Ground Cherry 4th week Feb
Tomato round 1 4th week Feb
Tomato round 2 4th week Feb
Tomato round 3 4th week Feb
Basil 1st week Mar
Broccoli 1st week Mar
Oregano 2nd week Apr
Celery 3rd week Apr
Amaranth 1st week May
Borage 1st week Apr
Brussel Sprouts (Igor) 1st week May
Carrots 2nd week Apr
Chives 4th week Apr
Cucumber 2nd week May
Dill 4th week Apr
Hybrid popcorn 4th week May
Sweet Corn 4th week May
Lettuce Round 1 3rd week Apr
Lettuce Round 2 4th week Apr
Lettuce Round 3 1st week May
Lovage 1st week Apr
Marigolds 1st week May
Nasturtium 4th week May
Nutterbutter Winter Squash 1st week June
Okra 4th week May
Onion 2nd week Apr
Parsley 4th week Apr
PattyPan 2nd week May
Pea 1st week May
Pumpkin 2nd week May
Rosemary 2nd week May
Cilantro Round 1 4th week Apr
Cilantro Round 2 1st week May
Cilantro Round 3 2nd week May
Shallots 2nd week Apr
Snap Pea 4th week Apr
Cauliflower 1st week June
Spaghetti Winter Squash 1st week June
Summer Squash 2nd week May
Sunflower 4th week May
Sweet Corn 4th week May
Watermelon 2nd week May
Zucchini 2nd week May


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