Mapping It Out

I started to map out this year’s garden…itching to do something after flipping through the pages in my seed catalogs. When I pulled out the maps I’d drawn up last year, I realized that they were not completely up to date.


We added some new shrubs and trees late last season.

I had not made a note of the honey berries I planted in the fedge.

I had not scribbled in the goji berries I planted in the vineyard.

I had not jotted down the purple plum hedge I planted along the drive.

The raspberries I put in the swale were missing from the map as well as the comfrey we transplanted.

So…on a less cold, less blustery day, I’ll don my boots, gloves, coat and hat and walk the property and update my maps.

I’ll walk through the swale.

I’ll stroll through the back garden.

I’ll amble through the vineyard.

And I’ll wander through the fedge.

I’ve already plotted out the kitchen garden and just need to note which plants go where. I’ll need to draw up the herb spiral and order the best for culinary and medicinal use.

Then, with a cup of tea I’ll sit at the table and start mapping out this year’s garden.

Last year’s maps are incomplete
It’s time to plan again
I’ll walk around on my two feet
Write what we planted when

I’ll make a note, I’ll plan anew
I’ll jot, I’ll write, I’ll map
I’ll add some new plants, just a few
Before Spring wakes from her nap

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