Mischief Makers: Cookie Cutter Clutter

Lil and Nim sat and watched Glitter with worried expressions.

She had been acting strangely since they’d returned and told her that Barrel was going to go through a few puppy classes to “polish him up a bit” before he could return to the team.


She’d taken the news rather well. She didn’t gloat or prance or say “I told you so”, she simply nodded once and wandered off toward the kitchen.  

She’d yet to say one word to them.

“Maybe she’s mad at us,” said Nim.

“Maybe,” said Lil. “But she’d normally just tell us.”

“Let’s try to snap her out of it,” said Nim.

“How?” asked Lil.

“Like this,” said Nim with a wink.


Nim threw all of the cookie cutters in the house on the floor, but Glitter just blinked slowly and stared at the mess.



“Wow,” said Nim. “I was so sure that would work. She hates messes.”

“What is she doing now?” whispered Lil.

They watched, wide-eyed as Glitter dove through the sea of cookie cutters singing a new version of Jingle Bells off-key.

Jingle bells, cookie smells, sprinkles on the floor
Oh what fun it is to bake on a crisp and snowy day, hey!
Jingle bells, cracked egg shells, icing out the door,
Oh what fun it is to bake on a crisp and snowy day, hey!

“Um, Glitter?” Lil said loudly.

Glitter stopped singing and glanced at Nim and Lil.

“What are you doing?” asked Nim.

“You said we were going to make cookies tonight,” she said as if it were perfectly normal to roll around in Christmas cookie cutters in preparation for baking sugar cookies.

She waved a hoof toward the counter and Nim and Lil saw the mountain of sprinkles. She had built a Christmas tree out of red, green and white sprinkle containers.


“It’s so beautiful Glitter!” said Lil.

“Well done!” said Nim.

But Glitter had already returned to her swim and was now humming her own, revised version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in a gleeful and high-pitched voice.

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen
Comet and Cupid and Donder and Blitzen
But do you recall…the most famous reindeer of all?
Glitter the sparkly reindeer
Had a pretty heart of gold
And if you ever saw it
It’s quite a beauty to behold
All of the other reindeer
Ran around her happily
Glitter the sparkly reindeer
The smartest doe in history!

“Maybe she just needs a good, organized and mischief-less night,” said Lil, her concern growing.

“Alright,” Nim said. “I guess we can try extra hard to keep the kitchen clean while we make the cookies.”

“And we don’t really need to get too carried away with the icing and sprinkles this year,” said Lil.




Nim and Lil whirled around to see sprinkles, flour and sugar had joined the cookie cutters on the floor. Glitter was in the middle of it all making reindeer angels and laughing.


“I think she snapped,” said Lil.

“Barrel must have gone a step too far,” said Nim.

Lil could only nod.


3 responses to “Mischief Makers: Cookie Cutter Clutter

  1. Did Lol use her new bowl a d apron?

  2. Not yet! The costumes are coming later in the story. Around Day 15.

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