Winter Activities: Week 3

We did most of last week’s activities, but you’ll see a few carryovers this week.

Math Activity
Joe has started to show a big interest in numbers and to actually count in order beyond 3. We were reading The Sneetches last week and he pointed at the page numbers and called out the numbers. Big step!

This week we are going to try out a lego activity my sister sent me from a Facebook page called First to Know.

While we won’t use the fractions quite yet, we will count legos. For example, I will tell Joe to stack two, four, six, etc and so forth. We will also use this as a color identification game.

Language Activity
The enunciation game worked pretty well and we will probably continue with that throughout the week. Joe particularly liked “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,” although what he repeated was a bit sketchy at times.

I also pinned this fun game where I can use up some of those empty toilet paper rolls I’ve been saving for no apparent reason: the ping-pong alphabet game. Write upper and lower case letters on toilet paper rolls and upper and lower case letters on ping-pong balls. And yes, I have more than 26 toilet paper rolls.

Alphabet ping-pong drop literacy game

Science Activity
The snow ice cream was a big hit. Lots of fun and very tasty. This week we are going to make a snowstorm in a bag. It’s easy and helps reinforce last week’s lesson about snow, plus wind.

Reading Activity
Reading is an everyday occurrence around here so I may just replace this section with something else like Bible study. We’ve been practicing the Lord’s Prayer and Joe seems to enjoy repeating the words.

Cute anecdote: When we go to church Joe asks, “Are we going to pray to God Jesus?

Jake has been really getting into reading. He goes back to his room, grabs a book, pulls the cushion off of the rocking chair and sits, flipping through the pages and pointing. Such a cutie. 

Craft Activity
The paper frog puppet was kind of a let down. Joe kept calling it a snake, but in all fairness, it looked more like a snake than a frog.

We didn’t get to the potato snowmen stamps so we will be tackling that this week.

As always, we will play games, build forts and let our imaginations run wild.

2 responses to “Winter Activities: Week 3

  1. Margaret (Marge) Schultz

    We do “Prayer pillows” with the little kids in our religious ed program at church. Might be something you’d like? Type the prayer on the computer and print it off (in reverse) on iron on paper which you can get at any office supply store. Iron the prayer onto the middle of a white pillow case(that has been washed and dried to take the sizing out). Then the kids draw/color pictures inspired by the prayer or their favorite bible stories with fabric crayons. (The finished pillowcase has to be run through the dryer to set the crayon pictures. Instructions come with the crayons.) Then the kids have their “prayer pillow” to reinforce their prayer learning. Could do placemats for mealtime prayer, etc.

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