Adventures in Homesteading: The End (Part Two)

The final chapter for the mice.


Pudgy, Pipsqueak and Gomer were feeling sad. They had just tried to talk with Keira, the hawk who had helped them with the chipmunk problem.

They had hoped she would extend her services to Boots and Echo, the new cats on the homestead, but it would seem that Boots and Echo had gotten to her first and the three of them had come to an agreement on sharing the bounty of mice, voles, chipmunks and any other tasty morsel the land would provide.

“There are plenty of pests to be had around here,” Keira had said. “No reason we can’t share.”


These two furballs were a threat to their existence and comfort! What about the lasagna, the cupcakes? What about their comfortable box in the garage?


But they knew that these cats didn’t care. They knew how selfish and haughty most cats were. Looking out only for themselves. Playing with their food like the uncivilized beasts they were.


And so, reduced to begging and hoping for some sentimentality from Lissa, they scratched at the door while the cats were out hunting and waited for Lissa.

The door opened and Lissa stepped out, looking down at the mice, here eyebrows raised in question.

“We’ve come to throw ourselves at your mercy,” said Pudgy. “We cannot stay here if the cats do.”

“Yes, it’s either them, or us,” added Pipsqueak.

Gomer grunted.

Lissa gave them each a long, hard look.

“While I appreciate all of the help you have given me…first with the strawberries, then recruiting Keira to help with the voles and birds, I can’t help but remember our first meeting.”

The mice thought back, guiltily remembering bribing Lissa to house them.

“Yes, well,” began Pudgy.

“And I also recall that some of the problems I’ve had around here have been caused by the three of you.”

They could think of nothing to say for they knew that it was true, they had caused some of the destruction that they had helped clean up.

“What are you saying, Lissa?” asked Pudgy, already knowing the answer.

“The cats stay,” she said.


And so, as the cats pounced and played in the yard, Pudgy, Pipsqueak and Gomer sadly packed their belongings. Lissa did them the honor of keeping the cats occupied while they sniffled and scurried out the garage and down the lane.




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  1. Boo hoo hoo hoo! lol

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