Mischief Makers: Toilet Tissue Tricks

Nim and Lil were very pleased with their first night at the Durbin’s. They had watched Joe, Jake, Issabella and Cheyenne bound into the kitchen, searching eagerly for the two elves.

Cheyenne squealed in delight when she found Nim and Issabella pointed with excitement at Lil hanging from the light fixture. All day long, the elves had watched the kids for good behaviour (and bad) to include in their report to the Big Guy.

Issabella and Cheyenne both behaved and even helped out around the house after school.

Issabella watched Jacob while her aunt and mom made dinner.

Cheyenne played a game with Joe.

And Joe and Jake behaved themselves…for most of the day.

After everyone in the house was fast asleep, Nim and Lil zoomed to the North Pole to report what they had seen.

As they waited for their turn with Mr. Claus, they listened and laughed with the other elves.

“And then, I sat in the fridge with my arm around the green milk!” said Iggy the Elf.

“I had fun ziplining from the top of the Christmas tree to the fireplace,” said Muffy.

Later on, after their chat with Santa, Nim and Lil flew back through the starry night, discussing what they should do for night two.

“Maybe we should add some decorations to the tree,” offered Nim.

Lil nodded happily. “Yes! We can add paper snowflakes to the tree!”

They searched for scissors and paper. They buzzed around opening drawers and cabinets, making a giant mess as they hunted.

Lil drifted into the bathroom and opened the cabinet under the sink.

“Nim!” she cheered. “I found paper!”


She flew out with a roll of toilet paper and whisked around the living room, a stream of paper billowing behind her.


After darting around and dropping tissue paper here, there and everywhere, Nim and Lil set to work on the tree. Nim soared up, intending to place the roll on the top of the tree and twirl the paper around and around.

But…he got stuck in the middle of the roll and couldn’t move.

“Lil! Help!” he crowed. “I’m stuck at the top of the tree!”

Lil sailed over, flittering around Nim and howling with laughter.


“Here, let me help decorate. We will have to get you out of this pickle tomorrow night. Up here you’ll be able to see everything,” said Lil spinning around the tree with the toilet paper.

Exhausted from the work, Lil perched atop the wine rack on the opposite side of the kitchen.


They grinned at each other and settled in for the short wait til morning.

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